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our son has arrived and post-pregnancy question

Hi all, 2 weeks ago our son has been born after an APS pregnancy with aspirin till 36 weeks and heparin from 6 weeks into the pregnancy till 6 weeks after giving birth. No complications and a healthy boy, we're very happy.

I was tested postive on APS after 2 miscarriages. I probably don't have APS symptoms outside pregnancy, although I have tough and frequent migraines (2 or 3 per month since 8 years, having had headaches as a teener as well) so my gynacologist says I can quit all medication and don't have to bother about it any more. Is this the same advice other women receive? I was wondering if I can really relax about this condition...

Thank you all for helpful advice during my pregnancy, I was very glad I bumped into this forum on the internet!

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Hi there and huge congratulations to you all. If you are like me... you maybe lucky in that the major complications come with pregnancy, however it is an unstable and unpredictable condition, please remain vigilant without being obsessed about it... I know this is difficult... as this describes myself... I am on aspirin two or three times a day... however it does not stop me keeping an eye... please read up carefully on all symptoms.. so you know if something is not right... your body will tell you. Mary F x


With no means to scare you i was told i would be fine outside pg,but i wasnt,and that was a proffessor,sometimes pg triggers these things,please demand a test again after 6 weeks,and consult your gp as to whether there would be any contraindications to you staying o aspirin just as a precaution. congrats xxxxxxxxx


Hi hon

Big congratulations on the birth of your son, welcome to the world little one.

As others have said further follow ups and advice are necessary. Listen to your body, you know when things are not right. Stick to your guns hon. Hopefully you won't get any further problems, but we're here and will try to help if we can.

Enjoy your new baby, another little miracle! :-)

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)


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