Blood clots in my teeth one side only

Hi, I am going asked a question is normally to bleed your teeth, only one side the right side. Every morning for the past 3-4 days i have blood in my mouth, some blod clots. Also during day also i have blood taste in my mouth. I am taking plaquinel every day(200mg) and also on my warafarin, but INR sometimes it varies (3.2 to 4.1). It is normal or not. Thanks

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  • I think these things do happen from time to time, but I would go and check with GP to be on the safe side. MaryF

  • Thanks alot for your feedback.

  • Minor bleeding while anti coagulated is common, worth a check up though

  • Thanks, I am going my Blood Spec in next couple days.

  • Same with me, msperling. If you have any sort of gum problem, anti coag will find it and cause bleeding. Very often only where the problem is worst. I combat it with one of the dentist approved mouth washes (can't remember the name just now) and accept it as something that is going to happen. Could always have teeth out once and for all!!

    Seems your INR is on the high side which won't help. Have a word with your nurse/doctor and see if 2.5 is more acceptable.

  • Thanks for your input and your advise.

  • My inr range is only 2.0-3.0 but I also have occasional bleed while brushing my teetch and only on the upper right side of my mouth. I thought that was odd but it seems to be normal, however, I'd be concerned with blood clots and would contact my doctor. Had a thorough dental cleaning the other day and experienced a bit of bleeding. My dentist said it's important that I come regularly for cleanings every 3 months to minimize the bleeding when I do come.

  • Thanks, I am going to see my Blood Spec in couple of days.

  • Wishing you the best.

  • Gum recession comes with age. Gum bleeding comes with recession. Dental hygiene is important, and I worked with my dentist to find a daily regime which works for me.

    Now -- flossing, brushing with an electric toothbrush ( Manuel bruising in the wrong way can accelerate recession -- and I was brushing the wrong way) --a water pik in the evening, and once a day gargling and swishing mouthwash for a solid minute.

    Better -- but still recession. Aging sucks.

    But you might also talk with your dentist for dental hygiene suggestions.

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