Routine bloods back

I'm a bit disappointed as my bloods are back and thyroid is 1.46 so T3 and T4 will not be done. Shame.

My ferritin is still 5 and haemoglobin 11.5. I actually feel as though it's lower so looks like the overall condition is causing my problems.

I am doing a steroid trial this month, I have an 8 day tapered trial. Let's hope it help my new migraines and joint pain, fatigue etc

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  • Hi Jade

    Thanks for updating us.

    Who manages your APS?

    Best wishes.

    Dave x

  • Well I see Professor Hughes, it was his idea to try a steroid trial for my new symptoms, which may be age, lupus or sjogrens related.

    I started to see him again last year at London Bridge after managing alone for 7 years as my warfarin clinic refused to monitor me. My GPs were happy to leave me to manage.

  • Jade that seems harsh to leave you to manage on your own. Can I ask what T3 / T4 tests are? I had my thyroid blood results back yesterday and it was 1.26. I was told that was well within range? The nurse didn't have time to go through it so I was going to make a telephone appointment with GP.

  • Does anyone have wrist pain?



  • Lissylou I don't know a lot but I understand T3 and T4 can tell us more about how much thyroxine is circulating in our bodies as opposed to TSH which is a hormone doing the work of stimulating thyroid production. If the TSH is a number above 3.0 or 5.0 depending on which study you read then it shows your body is basically working hard to produce more thyroxine.

    I have been tested regularly for about 20 years as I have the symptoms but to no avail.

    As for being left alone my hospital clinic refused to see me if I used the machine I bought on Orofessor Hughes advice, so me an my GP decided I could manage

    Now with all the threats of warfarin removal from us I am happy to stay in the shadows.

  • Oh I see, sorry I mis-read yoir post thinking that you were totally on your own with no support.

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