Thank you

I still find it hard to understand how some doctor's and professionals can treat people with no respect what so ever, it is awful.

I'm so glad im not on my own with the feelings of frustration since joining this wonderful community i have found i do have a voice, a voice that is shared and there through good and bad im blessed to know you all, and send warm and gentle hugs to all xxx

P.s i will let you know how i get on tommorow.

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  • Hello Becky, glad to hear that this is the case, and the best of luck, I/we look forward to hearing more. Best wishes, Mary F x

  • Hi Becky

    Glad to hear you found your voice and we all her to back you up


  • Good luck tomorrow hon!!! Love n gentle hugs xxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Good luck Becky, thinking of you today.

  • Hi Becky

    I agree, I've been made to feel like a liar, that I'm mad, that I'm a nutter causing a nuisence, by Drs and health professionals. Even recently being told that I can't be having TIAs as they wouldn't cause similar effects each time and that what I have got is anxiety and I should chill and get a life.

    I wish some of these Drs had APS then they might know what we have to put up with.

    Good luck and best wishes.


  • Ditto Dave! It is so so fantastic to find Doctors like Hughes and Khamashta who know what you are talking about and best of all BELEIVE you. I also have a Stroke consultant who not only believes me but respects their opinion too, Joy!

    Good Luck Becky sending you lots of good vibes :-)

  • Good luck. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Let us know.

    Jane xx

  • I once had a doctor tell me I would not be leaving the exam room until I admitted my 'problems' were all in my head and I would go see a psychologist! No, you are not alone dear, and I send so many wishes for a good appointment. We're waiting for the news!

  • I had a doc who was sure the low dose of plavix he prescribed must be working on the thrombocytosis he was sure I had. So my continued " funny turns" and dizzy spells and head aches were all from my fear that I would have another mini stroke -- not because I was actually having them.

  • Ok well housing officer came to see us, she agreed the stairs are a real risk to me and my husband, she feels we would need a level acess shower, she is passing our folder over to the medical officer to see what points we would be entitled to she said we can apply for adapted propertise but it might take awhile to find one suitable for us.

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