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I should be packing really, just waiting to find a bit of energy, not up yet.

We are off to the Maldives tomorrow, which I am sure will be wonderful but I am a bit scared of flying only because of the risk of blood clots.

I am taking all the precautions. Flight socks etc. Clexane 40mgs in case INR below 3, Doctors letter saying I was taking injections on the plane several boxes of pills, coagucheck check machine,that's probably the weight limit gone

So far we have managed to loose the passports, now found and it wasn't my fault at last I was able to say if you put things in the same place you wouldn't loose things;)

Found out that my insurance cover was out of date, anyway all good now.

Must go house looks like a bomb has hit it, have a list on my phone, great so I can't loose it, no more paper lists it's got all the stuff that I should pack on it. Half the job done me thinks

Hope this makes sense,

Love to all, will put photo when we get back


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Have the best of times and enjoy the change of scene and the rest that goes with it... as well as cocktails on the beach etc. Mary F x


Oh Daisy you lucky girl, what I would do for that gig now!! Have a wonderful time and a great rest :-D


Can't wait for the photo, sounds like an awesome holiday. Enjoy!


Have a lovely holiday xx


Yaye for your holiday! I hope you have the best time ever! x D B


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