My dry eye treatment question

Thanks to everyone who responded. Haven't been on the site as have had a few bad days as the horrid mist and floaters iin my eye is really getting me down.

Got a few ideas of other things to try. Feeling I might have tried viscotears and they made my eyes itch but I think Optive which I use is the same type of thing. Nurse told me not to use Optrex lotion because of risk of infection from the eye bath, but I might try the drops.

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  • Firstly why are your eyes dry ? 'I started with the same red very dry eyes'!

    I went to my Gp for years complaining of dry sore eyes.....I now suffer with a very dry mouth.

    I have been diagnosed with need to get this checked out.

    I would not use the optrex it is to risky.....I have been prescribed Hylo-Forte & use Lacri-Lub or Visco Tears at night.

    Have you had a schirmer test to see how much tear your eyes are producing ?

    Hope this is of some help to you. Jillymo

  • Thanks.

    Have had my eyes checked - debate over whether I have Sjogrens. I have spoken to my GP and he has arranged an appointment at the eye clinic so I will see what they say. X

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