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Chest pain,headache and eye pain

Not sure I'd I should be concerned about the eye pain that has recently started to bother me. Started off like a headache behind my left eye, several days of that then a sudden pain almost like someone stabbed ME in my eye but from behind it. It has been aching and the stabbing pain comes and goes. My vision is blurry and feels like I am cross eyed. Also getting palpitations but with sharper pains in the middle of my chest rather than to the left. (Slightly off Center)

Inr was ok. A little below my target of 4.1, it was 3.2. Should I make an appointment?

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Always make an appointment especially with chest pain. You could try your GP first but I would definitely see someone. Good luck and I hope the pain eases soon. Please let us know the outcome 😄


Hello Juejue

As sartee has advised you. Please go to your GP immediately to get checked out.



If it were me I would go to A&E now chest pain doesn't have to be on the left side blood clots can also happen anywhere ? Behind the eye

Don't drive yourself but get someone to take you now, where they will have the correct equipment to examine you do it now! Please take care


Hi Juejue,

I have read a little about what is written earlier.

You have been going through a lot of things. Even a hole in the heart and you have no Cardiolog any longer since you moved to the US from England. (Hope I have understood it correctly.)

I am not even sure you have any APS-Specialist. I do think you need a that as your INR has been all over the place several times. One time 1.7. Another time 16.2.

As Mary suggested earlier, perhaps you should have something else than warfarin as it is very important that we are well anticoagulated all the time.

You have had APS for several years and we know when something is wrong with our body. I think you need a cardiolog to investigate your heart again. Are you also breathless?

If I was in your position I should immediately go to A&E and tell them my story of APS and hope someone understands.

If you cannot selftest ask to have another anticoagulation drug that works. I have heard of several members here that have clotted on an INR of 3.2. I was on an INR of 3.2 when I had pain in my heart/chest.

Take care of yourself and let us hear from you how you get along!

Kerstin in Stockholm


So sorry to hear about your troubles. Do be concerned about the eye pain. Shortly after cataract surgery, I lost a good deal of the vision in my right eye due to a stroke that felt like someone stuck an ice pick in it. The pain quickly left, but over the next couple of weeks the vision slowly blurred and then I developed glaucoma in the eye which wasn't controlled by eye drops. I had to have another surgery to put a drain in to reduce the eye pressure. My optic nerve was damaged by the stroke and so far, the vision has not improved. This was when I learned I have APS.


Please do seek medical care and advice, symptoms like these need regular monitoring by somebody who understands your condition, do see the GP and also seek an urgent appointment with your consultant. MaryF


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