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Weak positive on 1st ACL, blood test

I have now seen the rheumatologist, not sure how I feel to be honest, some of my 'symptoms' were dismissed.. the two miscarriages were too early to be counted as a clinical indicators (8 & 10 weeks), low birth weight wasn't low enough, early delivery wasn't early enough, I could have livedo that isn't linked etc etc. Anyway now have to have the second set of tests after 12 weeks. had a low positive on the acl, other two were negative, in fact she said the LA was better than most. Is that possible given that I am taking two 75mg aspirins per day?

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Is this Rheumy one that is on the HFS recommended Specialists list? Yes you could wait to see if you have "another" positive test in 12 weeks but what if you don't? Is this Doctor simply going to dismiss you on a blood test alone? You need a Doctor that looks at the global picture, blood tests are not the be all and end all and remember that those of us who are seronegative dont EVER get a positive test so in your Doctors view, what would she do with us?

Go with your gut. If you think that your symptoms should not be ignored and that your positive tests together with everything else need to be considered and NOT poo poo'd off then please find yourself another Doctor that you can work with. I know this is difficult but you won't feel happy or secure until you do. At least you are on aspirin which will give you protection until this is sorted.


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