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Hello all existing members and anybody new - (please be as patient as possible as we all learn the ropes with this new format for our forum)

Hello, I was up some of the night making sense of things, and also aware that we have all been told that there are still one or two problems and niggles to be ironed out at Health Unlocked. I hope everybody is enjoying some good weather, and I am looking forward to being fully up to speed with the workings of this new site. Best wishes to you all from Mary F x

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I can't stop laughing at the tags that are automatically created, it's seems to pick on the most odd words. You don't seem to be able to change them either or add more appropriate ones, my blog ...whoopsie Post had N'ice, I'm not sure there is a word!

Does anyone using an IPad suddenly get the magical moving Green Bar from the top suddenly appear in the middle of their screen? Talk bringing things forward etc... Then whoosh it vanishes into thin air.

I think we need to have some fun with this, a quiz maybe to lighten the mood....perhaps spot the deliberate mistake! What do you all think?



Do you know if the A-Z tags is going to be on the new site? It's giving really odd tags atm isn't it!!


I think that the various things and detail is being ironed out over the next few days.. then it will be clearer to us, and enable us to answer with more authority, at the moment it is a question of seat belts on for the ride I think, best wishes to you. Mary F x


All I can say is that currently I feel like this about the whole thing:

Mary F x

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After waiting and waiting for my emails from this site I finally went surfing on my desk top. I have not yet tried to navigate this on my Ipad. Now I'm afraid to.

And the cat -- I had the speakers turned up and my 50 lb dog (half German Shepherd, half beagle,) put her ears back and scooted upstairs. She is such a scardy cat. Thunder, rain, wind, a creaking door left ajar, and now crying cats over the internet.


Hi Gina

Not shouting too loud but, I'm on iPad and its working, ssshhhh!!!

Oh poor scary cat, sending her a hug, I have a border collie girl, who's just the same.

Love n hugs Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi Gina - Glad you took the initiative and made it here. Actually depending on the age of your IPad you will probably be fine. I have heard that some of the older ones have had issues but if you have kept doing the software upgrade hopefully you will not have any problems, Im ok on mine too accept I hate the weeny window they now give you to post in.


I foolishly emptied all visited sites on safari on the ipad and cannot get back on today on the ipad. No matter how many ways I try to access it just does not go past the first health unlocked screen. Nothing.

Im annoyed because I sit on an evening using the ipad to browse the site. Any body got any ideas?


When I wrote the above message I wrote it under APS message as a reply but it has put it at the bottom.

Plus yesterday I wrote something under Mary F and Dave and mine went about so seemed like the answer before the question.


According to HU all these things will get ironed out... it is a bit hit and miss currently for us all. MaryF x


Yes Ive noticed that replies are not coming up in the right order which does make for some interesting reading!

As for not getting in on your IPad, I think there are still problems and nothing to do with you emptying your links. I cant get in no matter what I use sometimes it just bounces back off the main sign in page and even though Ive ticked the stay signed in box Im being signed out. HU have promised to work on these things as soon as they can.


Hi Lynn

Yes I've got the jolly green band!!, usually in the way of what you're trying to do!!

Tags are great, aren't they, now I wonder, oooops better not!!!

Loving it Mary! Me thinks normal service will soon be resumed!!

Well time to look round see what else is occurring.

Love n hugs Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Thanks for all of your kind understanding and patience! We apologise for the problems some of you have faced using this new system. They will be resolved.


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