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Just popping my head in!


As the title says-I'm nearly half way into my holiday and currently in Salzburg. The first week I arrived in Germany was hot as Hades-in the 35+ As I gallivanted from Berlin to Dresden and Munich. I swear my suitcase has been getting heavier each day-even without buying any extras. So far all is good-no one has queried my meds and have felt well. I think some people at home thought I was a bit crazy coming here on my own but hey, you only live once! Too far to come for only 10days or so.Hope every one here is also keeping well. Some of the Wifi in hotels is quite patchy and I end up just giving up and trying another day.

Cheers all.

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Awesome for you!! My motto also: one one live to live, live it to the fullest possible!!

Enjoy Germany, I too have visited the same places!!


Carry on enjoying a fantastic adventure, thank you for the update. MaryF

I have never been to Germany. You sound like you are having an exciting time.Enjoy

Ozchick in reply to Fra22-57

Thanks! I’m heading for Vienna today😊


Going to some wonderful places - enjoy xx


Glad you are having the time of your life -- be safe have fun .



Lieblings meiteli!

Glad all is well.

Our daughter is working at the university of Hamburg right now and is quite hot! Even for a native Texan- so that’s putting it in perspective...

Ozchick in reply to KellyInTexas

I'll be in Zurich in a about 5 days-but it's been pretty hot there also!


Say hello to the old monastery and Kloister for me- the ones just in the Füssgangzone. I love the “chaotic / peace “ that some how the bells in their schizophrenic competitions with one another manage to achieve.

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