Sign the Prescription Charges Campaign petition to make the prescription charges system in England fairer

The Hughes Syndrome Foundation has been a member of the Prescription Charges Coalition since its inception back in June 2010 and we are asking you to join us by signing this petition:

After much lobbying by 30 charities, headed by Asthma UK, we are still trying to get a fairer system in place or, at least reduced pre-payment certificates. There is no way the English government will allow for free prescriptions.

For a full run down of the situation, please visit:

5 Replies

  • I live in Wales and I don't believe prescriptions should be free I think £ 5.00 for all your monthly medication and then everyone get's a chance but you see people stashing boxes of medication that they take but never use Doctors letting patients have 100 Paracetamol when they are just a few pennies to buy such a waste It should be all or nothing it's just not good enough either all free or all pay

  • i dont pay for mine as i have some many to take if i had to pay each month it would be £140+ more than i get in pay, if we had to pay £5 towards the cost i would do it

  • I have had to pay for my prescriptions since the age of 16 - if I didn't have a the pre-payment certificate, I dread to think how much they would all cost. However, the Coalition Again the Charges is trying to either reduce the £10.80 we pay per month or freeze it. Also, a lot of people don't know about the pre-payment certificate and are paying over £60 per prescription. The idea is to raise awareness of it to help working people.

  • I've just signed. I think there should be equality so that anyone with a long-term condition requiring medication should be treated equally. Why is insulin prescription free but not warfarin or low molecular weight heparin? They should be the same.

  • Exactly! The current strange list of exemptions was drawn up in the 1960s - this is an outdated tool to measure illness and exemptions by. I think the government is scared to tackle it as it will open a can on worms ...

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