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Feeling rough

Feeling sore and exhausted after my hysteroscopy on Tuesday. I always find that any kind of test/ procedure knocks me out but I guess that's all part of this horrible condition.

Got to go to a family wedding tomorrow ( his side) and am dreading it as I feel so rough, but I will have to go. Don't have to stay over wich is good, but it is a 90 min drive each way and 45 mins between church and venue. Fortunately hubby is going to drive so if there is a lot of standing around I can go and sit in the car. And will get either him or one of my boys to fetch me drinks and plate of food from buffet. Don't think there is much else I can do, apart from keeping up the painkillers.

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Hope you start to improve soon, its not nice :( try to enjoy the day even though you feel rough at may feel a little better by tomorrow....hope so, hugs xx


Thanks. Not feeling so good tonight so having an early night with a good book and hoping for the best. X


You are a brave woman for going to the wedding after that procedure. I had to have 2 of those, along with a d&c and some other "fun" stuff not too long ago. The last one was on Easter, also my brother's birthday, and I had to decline the festivities :(

I hope your doctor got a good look around, and you don't need any additional procedures.


Have had a couple of laparoscopies and d&c, possibly more(?) but first hysteroscopy, and hopefully my last! Wasn't expecting to take so much time to recover. The doctor said all seemed ok so that's a relief.

Not looking forward to tomorrow but will make the best of it.


How was the wedding? I hope you made it through without incident.


It was ok. A long day - left home at 9.30 and didn't get home till 11.30 so was totally shattered. Spent most of yesterday in bed and still feeling awful today so will take it easy over the next few days. Thanks x


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