Another rough patch

My liver biopsy showed several anomolies including rare plasma cells. I was told to see a Hepatologist due to the fact that I have some form of a rare autoimmune liver disease. I suppose having APS makes this occur. I am going start the process of getting an appointment with some specialists I have located. I live in Tennesse but will be traveling out of state for this. I have researched several of the possibilites I was given and the survival time frame is anywhere from 2 to 10 years without transplant. I knew that with having APS for so long and being close to death twice that eventually this time would come round again but finding that this timing is horrible. I am supposed to finish my graduate degree this summer and I am determined not to let this get in the way. I stay very ill all the time now, contant pain also making me fall far behind on my graduate work. I am remaining positive. As I have said in the past.. I will never let this disease win, never. We can and will overcome. I am truly thankful for this site and the inspiration we can all draw from one another!

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  • sorry you are having a rough time. I live in TN as well. I had a stroke 5 weeks ago. I did not know that APS caused liver issues. I have had 7 clots in my lungs, neck, arm, groin, spleen and now my brain, I also have a clot currently in my ca-rotted artery! I try to remain positive, I am very blessed to have 4 healthy boys ages 6 and under! I am still recovering from this stroke , sometimes I get scared but have to cherish each day and do all I can do to be as healthy as I can. Keep up the positive attitude, you will be in my prayers!

  • hoping your situation improves also! Be safe and keep hanging in there.

  • Lori, what a great positive attitude :) and Grovet, you have had a tough time but have the right attitude too, be positive, for :

    today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday and all is still well



  • Lesley I love that! I am going to use that little saying if you don't mind and every time I do I will think of you!

    Lori you just keep hanging in there, you have such a strong mental attitude and thats half the battle.

    Grovet29 - Sorry to hear about the Stroke. You too hang in there. I had one a year ago last January and I know it takes time to recover but it does happen. The brain has a remarkable capacity to remap and find ways to do what it did before. Keep doing the PT!! Hydrotherapy helps too.

  • Hi Lori,

    Lovin your attitude hon, hope you find hepatologist that can help you. Aps knows how to kick ass, guess we all need some of suzipawz boots and kick it back!!! :-)

    Grovet, sorry to hear about your stroke, O my goodness 4 boys under 6, :-) thats a handful and 4 fantastic reasons to get well and keep fighting!!

    Lesley love the saying too. :-)

    Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Hi lori and Grovet

    I am sorry to hear you both having a rough time and you know you have the support on here if you want to ask any questions.


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