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Losing limbs

Hi all

I lost my left leg below the knee 7 years ago due to micro clots in my muscles which caused a disease seen in trauma cases called compartment syndrome ( basically your muscles swell due to insult or injury and the pressure in your legs rises blocking blood supply to the foot , then your muscle breakdown and die )

I also developed the same condition in my right leg a few years later fortunately my limb was saved after major reconstructive surgery

Has any one else lost a limb due to APS ??


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Hi there, I have not had this happen, but I can assure you that there are a few people on this site you certainly have had so, I am sure they will let you know. Sorry about your leg! Mary F x


No need to be sorry Mary I have a nice carbon fibre and titanium one now much better looking than the old one ??


Ah the next Olympics! MF x


God no I can barely climb two steps if they made sleeping due to fatigue an Olympic sport there would be gold medals from me for sure


Yes - can I have the bronze medal! MF x


And I'd be a good bet for silver :)

I have not lost a limb to APS but I have probs with my legs due, I expect, to APS and the pain is bad

Newly diagnosed, studying this site I am forever seeing why I have the stuff I have. It is like putting together a jigsaw - my ill health stuff is beginning, finally, to make some sense.

Lynn .x.


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