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Taking a flight

Hi guys, just wanted some advice.

I have APS which I manage with daily ASPRIN, I am going away at the end of the month and Read about the dangers of blood clots during flight and wondered

About how safe it is for people with APS?- it's only a 2 hr flight so was thinking

At the most I might need to take an extra ASPRIN as a precaution?

very frustrating have yet to meet a doctor who knows anything about

APS and don't even know if the ASPRIN is doing the job as they never

Did repeat bloods ;-((

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Hi, I am on two aspirin a day currently, and if I take a flight I do stay on this, and i always wear full length surgical stockings and do my leg exercises, however if I was going over four hours I would probably wish for a jab of something, No done long haul for a while! The same applies to my children, we all have our stockings on! Mary F x


Here is a link to the Factsheet from the HSF website on Flying.Hope it helps.



I am on Clexane now, was on Warfarin but I flight as regularly as the bank manager will allow me!! I have flown long haul many times and never had any issues... I know that treatment is far more beefy than Aspirine but just wanted you to know that I have never had any problems at all!

Have a lovely holiday!



Hi there,

I've got APS and fly on average twice a year. Its not hugely fun for me as I also have post thrombotic syndrome so my legs can swell and get really sore but I have several little things I do to make sure I feel safe and comfy. Firstly the above- get flight socks - or tights if you can. You'll prob be fine on your Aspirin dose but call the doc to see what they advise.

Moving around is important too - you're doing a short one so as long as you do some exercises that's fine - wiggle your toes and ankles regularly and if you feel like it just get up and do a little walk/stretch. When I do long hauls I make sure I get up at least every two hours and do a lap of the plane, stand up for a while and stretch my legs a bit.

Last bit of advice from me would be to make sure your hydrated - get a bottle of water and keep drinking (also means you'll get up regularly to go to the loo lol) and keep alcohol and caffeine to a minimum or not at all.

Those are my little tips, hope it helps - and have a fun flight/holiday! x


Hi there - please look at the info on our charity's website:


Thanks very much, I will take note! FYI I have always

Suffered from swollen and achy legs and get after

Before being diagnosed, which now makes sense :-)


Sorry I meant swollen legs and feet after flying


I was worried to fly too. I recently flew from California to New York. I'm on Xarelto but I forgot my compression socks ( because I never wear them ) and by the time I landed my leg was swollen and stiff. No other problems though. I put my leg up when I got home and swelling went down.


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