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HI all,

I just wanted to post and share something positive that happened. I was able to get in touch with my specialist and get a treatment plan that allowed me to take a long haul flight to Utah for a work related visit. Up until last week, I had not traveled on a plane since my diagnosis with APS and my DVT occurred over a year and a half ago. I was super nervous, as I am only on 325 mg daily aspirin. My specialist advised me to take an injection of Lovenox about an hour before the flight, wear compression stockings, and get up as often as I can mid flight to move around. I made sure to book an exit row for extra leg room, and though I was unable to get an aisle seat I did manage to move a lot mid flight (ankle rolls, calf raises...getting up at least twice, drank lots of water on the plan, and all went well during the 6 hours in flight. No clots! :) I only had a small headache late in the day from the lovenox and likely lack of sleep, but that was manageable. I will not say it was comfortable...as my DVT leg aches a lot if I sit for even as short as an hour, but to know that I can travel safely was a huge deal for me. It means I need not fear going across country to visit family, and I am no longer bound to the ground. It's the little things that make all the difference! On to my next challenge - picking the ball back up in my IVF/donor egg program and trying again for pregnancy. (I finally had a positive result in Oct, 2014 after 11 total attempts/egg transfers, but sadly miscarried at 7 weeks despite therapy of lovenox and full dose aspirin daily.) But coming off the high of traveling safely, I am feeling more motivated/positive! :)

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  • Good for you positive stories help us all

  • Great news, thank you for taking the trouble to tell us about the excellent medical plan put in place for safe travel, reading this gives hope for lots of others needing similar arrangements. MaryF

  • Hello, Just joined site. Well done for sharing your positive experience. Sorry to hear about the IVF but I am sure with your attitude you will be successful in time. I have had poor health on/off for 5 years, was positive, started badminton, broke back, got over that and now having tests that relate to MS, lupus and anti immune so found this site this evening. Nice to know others are there to message who know far more than I do! Every diagnosis I have had has been through a second opinion where I felt like a hypochondriac but trusted my body and knew something was not right. Now the haemotologist at Chase Farm is excellent and I have faith in him. He is now sending me to the UCH in London. Happy that this Doctor knows his stuff and actually listens to what is happening to my body/mind and eyes lol. Good to have faith in someone dealing with my health. Have a great weekend

  • I have been taking Lovenox since 2008. I live in Baltimore, MD; my son lives in southern California. I have made approximately a dozen airplane trips to visit him without incident. Usually, we take a late morning flight, so I take my Lovenox shot about 8:00AM (i.e., shortly before we leave for the airport). During the flight, I make it a point to walk around the airplane.

  • Great you guys have got a super plan in place. good advise for me .

    Thanks C & J

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