Hello! Can't write too much as my focus is not too good. But thank you all for your good wishes! I woke up this morning. I feel like I've had too many gin and tonics the night before - I've a terrible headache and the shakes! Will be intensive care for quite a while yet but slowly does it! You've all been so fabulous. Will write again soon. Love to you all from here InSpain xxx

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  • I´m so happy!! I hope you get better and better everyday. Since your friend´s post I have been checking the website for more updates, looking forward to hearing from you. Lots of kisses and huggs!!

  • Thank you my friend xxx

  • Great news, big vibes across from the UK Mary F x

  • Big vibes just arrived! So thanks Mary F xxx

  • Your Rock said you would awake when you were refreshed and ready! I'm so very glad to hear from you! If only you could feel the hundreds of smiles I know people are giving you with each one reading your post! My very best to you and your Rock.

    Warmest wishes and many prayers,


  • Thank you my dear Canary. Your love and prayers have been gratefully received xxx

  • Dear InSpain,

    I am so glad you have pulled through, though you will have a long recovery as you say. You are a survivor! Well done and may your health continue to improve. Take great care of yourself.

    It was good to hear about your progress but I was worried about you, like we all are, thinking of you.

    Get Well Soon!

  • Thanks jumpingpeggy xxx

  • Great news and get really well soon.

    More love from the UK.

    Dave xx

  • Thanks Dave xxx

  • So glad to hear from you! Like the others, I've been checking to see how you are.

    Just take things slowly and I'm sure you will feel a little bit better each day.

    Best wishes to you, your dear husband and your friend who so kindly has kept us all informed of your progress.

    Sending hugs. Take care x

  • Thanks janekins xxx

  • So glad you are finally receiving the treatment you have needed for so long.

    Continue to improve and take care.x

  • Thanks :D xxx

  • Phew! :-D You had me really worried there for awhile but you are such a trooper I might have known that loads of chemo, blood transfusions, anticoagulants and all the other horrible drugs they have given you were not going to knock you for long!!!

    You are doing so well and Im so pleased that things are improving slowly. Hang on in there as we are all rooting for you. x

    This is my song for you........

  • APsnotFab you are girl after my own heart! Thank you so much for the song - it's my knew theme tune :D :D :D I shall take each day as it arrives at the moment but don't worry as the song says "I shall climb another mountain", but not just for a while yet ha ha ha ha!!!! xxx

  • No it does not mean you have to climb another mountain it means that you are a fighter and it does not matter how long it takes you to do "the climb" but you will get to the other side!! God forbid I'm going to suggest you have MORE mountains to climb haha!!! :-D

  • Perhaps my hubbie could give me a piggy back?! hahaha!!!! :D :D :D

  • So glad to hear you have benefited from the long sleep. I hope that the time in intensive care leads to more improvement, better care from the medics and that when you are ready to return home you feel that the biggest part of the fight is over. Like everyone I have been keeping an eye out for updates and hope that you remember those of us close to hand are ready to jump in and help if needed.

    I hope your husband has had a chance to rest and relax knowing that you are getting the care you deserve and desperately needed. I presume you have friends and family at hand to take over from him in hospital but please shout if needed as I will drive to Valencia and take over for a while. You have my email address and can also message me off here. (For those not aware of how Spanish hospitals are they often presume a family member will be with the patient at all times so they don't have to do some of the nursing - not so much in ITU but the expectation remains. Tough for those of us without family in the country.)

    All love from here and I look forward to hearing that you just keep slowly progressing and any set backs are minor and short lived.


  • Thank you xxx

  • Great news! Here's hoping for a swift recovery for you :-)


  • Thanks Squeezer your thoughts are appreciated xxx

  • So happy to hear you excellent news this morning. I look forward to hearing the next steps of your recovery. So glad you have a lovely friend and devoted husband supporting you. What a kind offer from Itespain . Very best wishes Ann

  • Thanks Annslack xxx

  • So glad to read your update with my morning tea and yogurt! Take care, don't do too much too soon, and we wait to hear the next update.



  • Thank Gina but don't mention food I'm sooooo want something yummy to eat and a coffee but I'm nil by mouth still :D xxx

  • Actually, being hungry is a sign of improving health! Being hungry is a good sign. But I appreciate your desires, so I won't tell you what I had for dinner -- hubby had to finish it as I ended up lounging on the couch, foot elevated with ice pack. Seems that when I went into the yard to leash JaneDog for her walk, I inadvertently ( honest!) interfered with a yellow jackets clover dinner. I'm sure the affronted yellow jacket thinks I deserved to be stung.

    Do you all have yellow jackets on your side of The Pond? They are small, but unlike proper bees, these members of the genus Hymenoptera can sting repeatedly without dying.

    Now The big question: can Hubby manage dishes left over food ? ( needless to say, he's going to be the one to give JaneDog her walk.

  • Poor old you! I don't know if we have yellow jackets, I don't think so but we have a type of wasp/hornet that when it stings it hurts beyond belief and will keep on stinging xxx

  • That would be a Hymenoptera. It's 4:40 AM here now and I'm typing onto my tiny phone key pad with a darkened screen so as not to wake hubby. Foot itches like ****!

    Hope you are allowed to eat soon. After a hike a few years ago when I was stung 7 times by yellow jackets over 5.5 miles while my companions never were I researched and found that hymenopteras can smell sting induced inflammation and can so identify "bad actors" who enter their successive territories. Don't know if I'll walk the dog or garden today either. I might still smell to t

    hem like a clover thief.

  • Best news possible :) So pleased you are back with us and wish you a good recovery Kx

  • Thanks Kate! Your message of good wishes means a lot to me xxx

  • Fantastic news. So pleased to hear you are on road to recovery.

  • Thanks :D xxx

  • Great news to hear your on the road to recovery......you have little bit of a distance to do yet

    so take it steady

    The nil by mouth wont be for too long........then you can tuc in hopefully to something yummy.

    There not the shakes hun its all the vibes that your feeling from us well wishers.

    Jillymo xx .

  • Yes, I think you're right! But it does feel a little like shake, rattle and roll at the moment!! Think I must be progressing well to want something to eat and drink though ;) xxx

  • I just wanted to check in and see how you were doing? I hope all is well and that you are continuing to gain strength.

  • I'm doing ok thanks. How kind of you to think of me. Just left Intensive Care this afternoon and am now on a ward xxx

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