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Positive news :-)

Just wanted to share with everyone some positive news, especially as I have seen a recent post about the fear of losing one's job - I did lose my job, after 1 years sickness, they made me redundant - well with brilliant support, I took my old employers to court for unfair dismissal based on disability discrimination, and based on any appeals, I have won my case :-) yayyyyyyyy happy days, the little person won :-)))

So for anyone suffering the same, go for it, be strong, and stand up for the little person, you can do it, and we can get the message across, we do not need to be mistreated.

Smiles everyone


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Congratulations Lesley_D!!!


Oh well done! That has made my day too! Do you know that only 17% of disability discrimination cases are successful! That was what I was told when I lost mine, perhaps that was to make me feel better but I know the percentage is very low and its disgraceful. So that should make you feel doubly proud as you obviously had a really worth while case and I'm so pleased and proud of you for taking it forward. :-D xx


Well done Lesley.

Best wishes.

Dave x


Well done Lesley . You have achieved a good result andgiven others hope. Its hard to fight a battle when you are dealing with illness too. All the best Ann


Good for you thats what i like to hear, congrats to you for standing up & being heard.

Your a true WINNER I bet you came out of court with a smile from ear to ear.

Yaba Daba Do. Jillymo x


That was really good news!

I can understand that you feel proud of yourself. You should be.

Many of us around the world with APS have had to take a fight for our Health and have been discriminated in different ways.on the way to a right diagnose.



Thank you for taking the trouble to post your excellent news, it is a beacon of hope, to give other members the chance to think that this can be the case - ie justice prevails. Good on you. Mary F x


That does sound very encouraging. Congratulations! I'm under a union and haven't been made redundant or sacked yet but they might let me go when they see the next OH report. He suggests a review September but no guarantee they won't just let me go. Be a year in September I've been off. I've had to complain to patient liaison team at local hospital about misdiagnosis which has delayed my treatment plus the attitude of a particular consultant.Well done its so frustrating.

Andrea x


This has made me more positive for my meeting on Tuesday. Thank you I will let you know what happens xx


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