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The National Migraine Centre is now on HealthUnlocked. I know a lot of us have headaches/migraines due to Hughes Syndrome and Lupus... however I have many many friends who suffer from time to time with migraines and I shall be giving them links to this forum. I attended their clinic with my 11 year old son, at one stage, their help and letter writing was invaluable. I also have lady friends who have hormone related disabling migraines... I shall of course nudge them. Although some of them have already been along in person to the clinic.

The link is nearly live, but you can get on it through this.


Mary F

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  • Can you tell me where the migraine centre is. My son needs help with migraines.

  • Yes here you go, here is charity site for them... EC1 central London I believe. I took my own son there, excellent advice and letter writing to GP and paediatrician!

  • This is good news - Heather Sim has done a lot to bring the Migraine Clinic forward so I hope this is as successful as her other projects :)

  • Yes, I have posted it everywhere, and had lots of enquiries! So things should lift off soon for them. I have joined that forum as a guest as I personally found them SO useful for my family, very easy access to a very good service! Mary F

  • This is great news well done to them i know they will make a diffrence to people


  • Thanks for that link, I have copied & pasted it to my sister in law who also struggles with them xx

  • Good, their detail to attention as to working out an individual headache and treatment type for somebody's migraine is second to none. Mary F x

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