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Should us Huggies be eating coconut oil?

I love the stuff and use it for all sorts but I was just reading some advertorial and started to wonder if we should be eating it:

"Amongst other nutrients, coconut oil contains a key nutrient called choline (a phospholipid) which we need for a healthy functioning liver (good for those who enjoy a glass of wine) and vitamin K which we need for healthy bones and teeth."

Any thoughts/info, anyone?

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Here's an item about vitamin K in coconut oil:

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is found in coconut oil. In 100 g of coconut oil, 0.5 mcg of vitamin K is found. Vitamin K helps make proteins for healthy bones and blood clotting. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, in a study reported in Nurses' Health Study, women who get at least 110 mcg of vitamin K are 30 percent less likely to break a hip than those who do not. Coconut oil is not a significant source of vitamin K.


Best, John


I use coconut oil when cooking and baking some foods. I never realized it had K, but I don't THINK I ever have ingested enough to make a difference in my INR.

But thanks for the question. I will now pay attention to see if eating coconut oil fried curried chicken or coconut oil coated baked potatoes seem to influence the INR. But so far, after 10+ years of warfarin and cooking with the stuff I've never noticed any changes.


That sounds reassuring.

I was also wondering about the 'phospholipid' content mentioned - since we all obviously have ANTI-phospholipid tendencies. I was just wondering about any interaction, negative or positive. Maybe inputting phospholipids is good if we all suffer from a tendency to block them, or whatever the technical term would be.


A while back we discussed the benifits of coconut oil for its effects on memory. I use it frequently but didn't realize it had vitamins K in it or phospholipid. Ill have to read into it some more.



Please, Administrators who know more then I, correct the following as needed!

The argument for changing one of the monikers of our disease from Antiphospholipid syndrome to that recently mentioned( but already forgotten by me) "something- or- other factor binding with the whatchamacallit" is that Antiphospholipid syndrome makes it sound to the novice ( like me, years ago,) as if we can react to any phospholipid, which is scary because phospholipids are found on membranes throughout the animal and plant kingdoms. Not so. Just the phospholipid found on platelets and sometimes the slight variant found on capillary walls.

So. Vitamin K is an issue for us warfarees. Phospholipids in oil? Not so much.


From what I can see very few studies have actually been done on humans for coconut oil or virgin coconut oil. There are a few studies that have been done on rats which show that it can be helpful for the good cholesterol and it is safe to consume. One study that was done on humans was small and done in the region where coconut oil is consumed locally.

As with everything, I don't think there is anything harmful in using it, but I doubt it is anymore beneficial than olive oil depending on the type that you bought and as we know there are so many different kinds of that.


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