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APS and anemia

Who suffers from anemia (mild or severe)? I became anemic back in April, but my levels (wbc rbc, hgb) have dropped into the danger zone this month. My rheumatologist has pulled me off the Plaquenil, and wants to retest in a few weeks.

Could the plaquenil actually have caused this? Also, I have cancelled my upcoming dental work due to the lowered immune function, and I'm scared to take the steroids too.

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I have always been anemic and it runs in my family, but there can be many different causes of anemia. Being anemic also adds to the fatigue for me. I do my best to maintain my levels but sometimes I slack off a bit since I feel like I'm taking so many things as it is. Please let us know how your tests come out after being off of the P. good luck to you:-)


They need to find out what's causing it. Floradix is a natural supplement that provides well absorbed iron. Available at health food shops. Used a lot by pregnant women rosehip syrup is also good. The high level of vitamin C helps to absorb the iron. A pharmacist told me this years ago and it worked very well for my neighbour. These might help you to feel better while they investigate. Ann


I WAS anemic for most of my life. Turns out I had a food allergy,-in my case, gluten-- and my diseased tummy could not absorb much iron.

APLSdoes not directly cause anemia. I hve no idea if plaquanel causes it. But something else is going on and I hope you and your docs can sort it out. if it is the plaquanel I hope a substitute drug can be found.

Hope our posts point you in a profitable direction.


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