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Well yesterday was D day, after seven months of being refused my renewal (I was getting middle rate care) I finally was getting my chance to tell people how my life is. After sitting in the waiting room in pain we were called in, my disability officer and mum came in.As we sat down the panel introduced theirselves and said before we start we just want to tell you we have already decided that the minimum you will go away with today is middle rate care and low mobility (more than i was already getting).The relief and emotion of these people believe me was so overwhelming .They then said we want to ask you a few more questions to see if we can give you a higher award.The doctor without doubt got me and the condition and the rest of the panel thanked me for all the extra evidence and found it extremely useful.I answered the questions and went back out to wait for the decision.After a few minutes they called us in for the final decision and they had upped my award to high mobility and still middle rate care.I'm chuffed with the decision and I know we all have different symptoms and severities with the condition but I did this for everyone who has hughes syndrome.The more the doctors see us and understand us I hope its easier for people in the future.

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  • Hi

    So pleased for you! What a relief after all this time waiting. Hopefully more of these panels are becoming aware of the problems we have and realise we're not spongers but genuinely have serious medical problems that need to be properly adddressed.

    Well done you!!!


  • Well done! I'm so pleased you had a panel of people who listened to you but you must have done a great job with the evidence and information for them in the first place :-)

  • Well Done you that must have taken a lot of effort and courage so on behalf of all Hughies thank you! :-)

  • It is terrible you had to go through this, so stressful for you. Well done, now relax and rest a little more. Thank you!

  • Hi hon,

    Great news on your winning out in the end, such a battle to go through!

    Well done for taking it to them.

    Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Congratulations - I remember the hell I went through with my appeal tribunal, so really happy for you.

  • Thanks Coppergirl you are right it is hell but like me you sound like a fighter.This is the third tribunal I have won and i finally got an indefinate award the irony of it is we are of course all being kicked of DLA soon and will have to apply for PIP.

  • So pleased for you well done xx

  • Well done, pleased you have had a positive result. xx

  • Well done! I have tried to get DLA, I have been given early retirement from my employer, following a Stroke, but it wasn't enough for DLA. I am a bit confused though and hope someone can help. I don't have any major physical problems from the stroke, but have most of the usual APS symptoms. As they come and go though, I was told they don't count. I also tried for ESA, but was told that I am not at a disadvantage in getting a job. Oh how prospective Employers love my list of problems and numerous appointments. Is there a particular symptom of APS that they consider serious enough to be awarded DLA or ESA?

  • Really pleased at this outcome hope you can relax now for a while x

  • No there is not a particular symptom that counts towards DLA its based on what help you may reasonably need for care and your mobility.I can walk with a stick but because of hip pain and occluded veins and artery in the leg I am counted as virtually unable to walk.My care needs do differ but I'm constantly awake at night with stomach pain due to gastroparesis and a clot tomy bowel and i need help to manage the pain with hot baths and hot water bottles they also took into account i have mild cognitive problems and my fatigue.

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