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So, you have HIV?

Confused, sad, scared, lonely, overwhelmed.

That’s how I felt.

My mental health wasn’t great when I was diagnosed so processing then accepting the result was tough.

My stubborn personality (and interest in the human body) led me to research the information/facts around HIV and how it affects the body - including mine!

Most of my friends and family don’t know my positive status. Although I feel that this makes my easier, it conflicts with my desire to raise HIV awareness in order to reduce stigma.

Stigma seems to be as big of an issue for those with HIV as it is for those who may be HIV negative and are ignorant.

At the same time with fewer diagnoses and advancements in therapy, things aren’t all bad... except that those living with HIV right now are needing support.

After 13 years positive I feel easier about the future. There’s still my ongoing internal battles but I keep myself sane with hobbies and activities that enrich my life.

If you’d have told me 13 years ago that one day I would fence-off HIV as a small part of life I’d have thought you were joking.

This is all just my recent thoughts and feelings - I’m not a preacher. Always happy to lend an ear of support though.

Good day to you all.

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