Hiv pos from genital rubbing

Hi I am mike, recently tested pos. Just a few days ago. Its only 10 weeks since I was infected and I just want to make people aware how easy it is to get Hiv all I did was Genital rubbing with a woman in gambia. There was no penetration just rubbing. I still am in shock but people have to know hiv is easier to get than what people think

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  • Well looking for friends and people to talk too

  • When there are bodily fluids involved, there's always that risk. Obviously, you didn't get yourself on PreP meds before your encounter. My advice is, get yourself on meds now that you are HIV positive. Treat your body like a temple. Eat whole foods, drink less alcohol, and if you smoke tobacco, Stop !! Marijuana in any form will increase your health.

  • Thanks its been hard to take it all in as everyone even doctors told me my chance was very low. That low in fact one told me I had more chance of winning the lottery. So its all been a shock.  Once my bloods come back I will start I knew I had got it as I started to get symphons 10 days after the exposure. Still have some and its been 10 weeks since the exposure.

  • She must have not been on treatment for HIV. Not being treated with meds, she probably had an astromical viral load (amount of HIV virus present in the body), which can be measured by a simple blood test. 

  • I reckon she got it recently as I took her for test 14 days after my exposure and she tested no-reactive the test took only about 30 min to get they took a tube of blood off her was not a finger prick test. 

  • Giu are negative

  • i am totally scared.i have similar exposer.i have not yet tested.all doctor say no to very low risk.please help

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