Dating a negative person

Hi everyone. I was diagnosed January 2013 and have been on Genvoya since (was on the med study which got it approved). My CD4 Count has been around 460-500 and I've been undetectable at every three month appointment since.

I met this amazing guy and we are trying to develop a relationship but he's very anxious about getting infected. I'm a nurse, I know the science, and we've talked about prep. I'm hoping someone can give some tips to help me help him feel more comfortable about being intimate with me. I've tried to just be patient and able to talk to him about his concerns. Any tips?

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  • Is it possible for him to go to an appointment with you on your next check up so he can ask the doctor questions? Also if you have been undetectable for 6 months and with the same partner you can NOT pass it on as long as you keep taking meds on time and don't miss any. They used to say there was a less than 1% chance but new studies have shown that you can not pass it on if you follow the rules above. Hope this helps.

  • Sorry also forgot to say te study was done on unprotected sex So it's actually safer to sleep with an undetectable person than it is with someone who thinks they are negative and may not be.

  • Do you have any info on these studies? He says us talking about it and him learningg helps him feel more at ease. He's probably be receptive to seeing the study

  • No but I'm sure you can find them online or like I said take him to an appointment and let the doctor tell him. Mine does it for people all time.

  • You may find information on what Rob199025 said at or, I hope it helps.

  • Hi daechidude I am in a similar situation and understand how u are feeling how old are you guys x

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