Honestly things will get better

I'm not to sure how to start this off, but I was diagnosed with HIV back in 2015 and have been on medication for a little while now. There have been times where its felt like a roller coaster, but I must say that along with anxiety and depression that you may probably feel. Trust me with the right support things will improve. Your doctors, clinicians, therapists, etc. They are all there at your disposle. But so am I. I have been through a lot in life, not just being diagnosed with HIV. What I can offer though is being so young (21), that I'm just a message away. I have helped out many of people go through a lot. including emotions, anxiety and just accepting their status. I know it may seem tough and you may seem alone, but you are honestly aren't!!

If you ever need any guidance or help. Just drop me a line, I am always willing to help people out.

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  • Very true I have been on this journey for 10 years and things will get better !!!

  • Thank you!

  • Hi mate! I know the feeling - was diagnosed at 20 also and am 22 now. For a while I felt like I'd had my life ripped straight from my hands. As if I was almost grieving for myself. How are you doing with the meds?

  • The meds are working well. No side effects at all. Wbu?

  • Hey there. nice one for supporting people. I feel the same, helping others out is also helpful to ones self. I am in Suffolk but near Essex boarder. Very happy to be there for you. I was diagnosed at the end of 2013.

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