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Is anyone using any of the HIV dating sites? I am kind of in a conundrum because a lot of them seem to want to charge you for using their services - despite advertising free sign ups. The HIV Argo which is the new one on the block, traffic a bit quiet at the moment - but i noticed its now free to join and also more attractively free to use. Has anyone got any good tips ?

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  • Download Poz on Android and Apple, it's free

  • I downloaded the Poz app, it seems not so many people know about it.

  • It's new so will take time to pick up and because it's totally free to download and message etc it will. Seen one before that had a few users on but they were charging something like $40 per month, will search their name out for you if that's something you can afford. Let me know, hope you're having a good weekend.

  • Want to know what poz is?

  • I didn't dowload after i read thew comments

  • Hi Leaf I'm Le'roy I've been using pozz personals it is bout 10 bucks a month but free with limited stuff...I've never paid but one time..I just got a reply this's been round fer years least 15...plenty space fer details I think 4 photos

    It's a part of pozz magazine I can't say enough good bout it.....

    Met my ex of 16 years he was an executive of Verizon. So there are men there wanting lasting long term things rather a hook

    But Umm no spam adds or pop ups it's a great site....

    I wish you well there. ...Le'roy Trehern

  • thanks for that

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