Greetings from Glasgow

Hi. I'm 30. Newly diagnosed (just over a year) Glasweigen. I'm an LTNP. So even less info available to me about me. Nobody knows (well 1 person outside NHS). I'm a stigma to myself lol. Really looking for mates. Chats. Coffee. Walks....boring stuff I suppose. Some posts are about looking for cock, and although that isn't off the menu, It is certainly not the reason I'm here.

Soooooo aswell as the constant heartburn from my meds, my weight gain, stress and just surviving my first dose of the flu ... I am looking to meet new people. I've heard Glasgow has a lot of people per population diagnosed, but its not like I can sniff them out or identify them ... so it does feel a little lonely.

Youdon'tneed to near me to message, I love travel and bound to be in your neck of the woods at some point.

Thanks for reading...if you got this far.

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  • Hey, liked ready your post and will admit to googling LTNP! How's life? Everything settling down??

  • Hmmm...its actually relieving to chat on here. I can't complain. How are you?

  • Hello, I have been poz undetectable for 12 of 13 years. It takes sometime to get used to. Have a supportive group of friends and family you will be good, what medication are you taking? Stigma?? I work in infectious disease hiv. And I see all walls of life with it

  • Ha. I'm always at your work!

    Yeah. Nobody knows yet. Looking for the right scenario / people.

  • Hi from Edinburgh

  • Hello. How are you?

  • All good here, how're you today?

  • Can't complain. Up to much?

  • Watching telly just then listen to some music. What are you up to?

  • Hi, I'm Paul and have just read up a bit about LTNP as didn't have a clue to what it meant :)

    Hope you're having a good day and enjoying all this great weather

  • hey scottish86! hope this message finds you well. i was in the same situation like yours for almost a year. i was diagnosed 2 years ago and started taking my mediacations shortly after. do you still suffer from the side effects you mentioned? hope the settled now. :) dvvb

  • Hi dvvb,

    Thanks for your message.

    Heartburn is away hopefully. Completely changed my diet and this seems to have helped.


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