HIV education

I work in a clinic and we have a few HIV+ patients.  The medical assistants have had a few issues with needle sticks in the last few years.  My boss who knows I am poz has asked if I could do an in-service on HIV education.   She said a man with HIV would be the best source of education.  Any suggestions on sites to get good facts that I could print out for the staff.  I am always learning new things but always more to learn out there.  I haven't revealed my status at work.  I think I might use this training session to do so.

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  • You are best candidate to educate and talk about HIV. . Good luck with the talk

  • These are just a few places that broadcast new stuff related to HIV.  Positive Life NSW, HIV Equal, The Global Forum on MSM & HIV, Pozibilities, POZPLANET are some Facebook pages that report some current events in HIV.  Other than that I would Google "HIV current events".  IFLScience "Where Did HIV Come From". 

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