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Worried I have HIV

Hello everyone. I am seeking some advice. I was admitted to hospital in November with a infection. While I was in I underwent lots of blood tests to find out exactly what was wrong with me. Anyway it was about 3 weeks after I give a guy oral sex (he cum in my mouth) I had symptoms in hospital of seroconversion like night sweats, very high temperature loss of appetite and lost almost 1st in a week. The doctor at hospital basically told me I have HIV and will test to confirm it, however the test come back negative I have since had another 3 tests all forth generation blood from arm most recently 14 weeks since the oral sex that also come back negative. But I have been getting certain symptoms over the past month or so such as oral thrush small under skin marks/spots on my thighs , extremely tired all the time and mussels aches. My doctor has told me that my negative tests are conclusive now and and my symptoms could just be anxiety, but I am worried sick my tests are giving faulse negative results because my symptoms. Any advice would be greatly received

Thanks in advance

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Hi Vinny , If your HIV tests have come back negative then it is safe to say that you are not infected with HIV .

It is far more likely that you have picked up some other STI such as syphilis .


I was also tested for Syphilis that come back ok too.

But I am still worried that the HIV tests could be wrong because when I google my symptoms they all come back to HIV plus why would a hospital Doctor tell me I have HIV (because my symptoms) then I have tests all negative. Something is not right somewhere. When I go to see my GP with my symptoms now I am just getting fobbed off with it’s anxiety.

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The problem is that the symptoms you describe are non specific and could represent just about any infection .

Did you have a complete screening for STI 's ?

I think you are fixating on HIV because it is the most ' publicised ' gay STI , when in fact there are far more prevalent infections that do not receive the same attention .

In my own case Hep.B gave me more trouble than HIV has .

On a practical level oral sex is low level risk for HIV infection , and much higher risk with other STI's . Also several negative HIV tests are very unlikely to be all wrong . Again in my own experience I do not remember any symptoms at all from my HIV infection - the problems I experienced were caused by chronic Hep.B .


I was tested for HIV Syphillis Ghonarea and Chlamydia all them tests have come back negative. My most recent test was for HIV and Syphillis only that was 14 weeks that was negative too. So I have read in places that the results will be conclusive now but some people say 6 months is conclusive.

Do you know anything else I should be tested for with what symptoms I have mentioned?

Thanks for your replies much appreciated


As I said , the symptoms you describe can be applied to just about any infection . It may well be that this is not being caused by an STI at all .

I have had ghonarea , syphilis , Hep.B and HIV , and crabs too ( I had a very lively sex life when I was young ) . Of these HIV has given me the least trouble .

I'm afraid I'm not in a position to say what your problem is , but I do think you need to look past HIV , as this seems the least likely cause to me .


Ok Grifon I appreciate your time in replies to me . Very much appreciated mate.

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Hi Vinny30.

Same bout as you. I wish the WHO can change this "window period" to at least 4years. I had unprotected in April 2016 until now, my results are negative. My current partner doesn't want to test. She vomits and nausea, lack of energy, restless, swallon feet at times, stomach cramps and all. We both slightly loosing weight. I have several tests done non of them come negative. I know for a fact I am positive, the virus is just still hiding in my system. It's been over 2 years now waiting to test positive so I can start treatment


Conrad, your message wasn't very clear, you went for several hiv tests & they all came back negative?

You had several tests done, did they come back negative or positive?

Medical fact you got a hiv test that showed up a positive result?

"It's been over 2 years now waiting to test positive so I can start treatment"

Confused Regards;

N.B. The symptoms your current partner is having can be of any infection symptoms, if an infection at all. But also worrying to a point of causing yourself to be ill, can convince you that you have symptoms! Non of the above fall under symptoms of hiv, except loosing weight (which could be a result of worrying yourself sick too) but one can loose weight due to a number of reasons too!

Have both of you had a FULL sexual screening, that would be advised as a cause of elimination!


so sorry grifon i'm going through the same thing,maybe this could be the answer??





Oral sex is very low risk unless you have open sores in your mouth or gum disease. Even the fairly low risk. However other STI can occur. You need to aske for a full work up, it may not even be an STI. There are other illnesses that can cause similar symptoms like diabetes. So ask for a full work up.

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Hello, your test results clearly show you are HIV negative. I’m wondering if your anxiety or worry about the tests being wrong, might in some way be related to another emotional or psychology issue? Sometimes we can project our conscious or unconscious feelings of fear or anxiety about a particular unresolved emotional issue or life experience on to something else. An example might be expressing ones feelings of past emotional hurt, shame, guilt or poor self worth by unconsciously attaching them to something or someone else in our life.

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I was admitted due to HIV, whilst in hospital I had a positive, then a negative then a positive test and am conclusively positive, I was seriously ill and not expected to survive.

8 years on now I’m happy, healthy and undetectable.

The reason for the false negative was because I had only recently been infected.

They told me at the time they thought the negative result was probably wrong, and they were right.

I was told that I had been infected between 6 weeks and 3 months before being admitted.

You had the oral sex (which is extremely low risk) 3 weeks before being tested. That may have not been conclusive but the more recent tests undoubtedly are conclusive.......... either way if you were seroconverting then you would have tested positive at 14 weeks if the symptoms you had were related.

I agree with the others, although I’m not a medical professional that you need to look elsewhere for an answer to your symptoms.

My consultant used to teach HIV management and she told me that oral infection was virtually unproven unless you had oral surgery immediately before having the oral sex and that the person who infected would have had to have an extremely high viral load, probably a newly infected individual who didn’t know they had it. This is due to your saliva having some antiseptic properties.

I hope you feel better soon.



Same problem here but i feel relief whenever i test negative for Hiv. My advice to you is get full Stds and hiv again to get peace of mind


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