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Am I just getting old

Evening, I have been on mess for 16 years and find if I push myself physically I get ill. I have always been into the gym and general fitness but now find I can't do as much as I want for long periods of time. I can go for a mo the hard at it then sickness crepes in. I have tried vitamins  etc to doesn't help. Is it my hiv or am I just old ! 

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hey. i feel you there. been single for 3 years since i broke up with my ex of 4 years. since then i haven't even dated anyone plus my diagnosis came as a very big blow to my self esteem and dating. would love to meet other people too! i'm happy to chat. :)


It could be a mixture of both, I know I don't have the same energy levels I did 15 years ago and the exercises they give me has put me of going as I find them to hard then feel like I've failed because I can't manage them all.


Hello, I am living with HIV since 85, started meds in 96, medications I take even today leaves me a little drained of energy. That's normal with meds after sometime you get use to it. But don't let it get you I'll, be thankful you're still here, your able to go to a gym and being 53 somethings do come with age. Were not young so our energy levels are down, you can also have very low testosterone levels which is also a side effect of taking HIV meds. Ask your doctor for a vit. B12 shot, see how you feel after, if you feel better better that might become part of you regime, along with testosterone therapy. Ensure drinks also are very good especially if its the high protein one. I am sure its real frustrating dealing with a hidden disability, if you don't look sick people do not understand.


I don't think any of us could do what we did 16 years ago!!? Unless you were 16, then you just might get away with it!!

I'm nearly 50 and find my Meds make me tired and feel nauseous. Maybe gentler exercise would be better, walking or swimming rather than push your already stressed body. 

Good luck and be kind to yourself :) 


Thanks fella going back to yoga so more strength than cardio. I hate getting tired as so much to do and see, just haven't got time lol 


Can relate to all these answers, I have a physical job which involves 4 hours of constant exercise and I'm too tired when I finish work to do anything the meds and being 56 doesn't help but I do struggle some days. Could do with some kind of muscle  building regime which isn't to strenuous any suggestions, don't fancy gym classes ? Thanks. 

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