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Even though I am hiv positive. I am told I will live a normal life span. Has anyone thought of having plastic surgery or have they been told they can't due to there status. I would like to keep looking good for a long as possible. Don't want to look younger just good for my age. Just would be interested in anyone's experience if they have told surgeon of status !

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  • Always tell your medical provider about your status. If you don't, they will find out by examining your medical record. In some U.S. states, and medical providers can refuse to keep you as a patient if you do not inform about being positive. It is in some cases considered fraud not to disclose your status.

    Not sure how it works where you live...

  • I am not worried about telling the doctors just wondered if a plastic surgeon had agreed to perform surgery on anyone knowing of their status

  • I know quite a few HIV positive people who have had plastic surgery. The only real difference is that they do their best to keep from coming in contact with your blood. HIV is about 30 yrs, give or take a few years, so stigma among medical professionals today is a whole world different than 1985.

  • I have friends that tell their plastic surgeon their status. The surgeons don't really care about HIV. They just take extra precautions.

  • They try and charge a lot more .

    I don't tell.

  • So you don't tell them you are on medication?

  • Has anyone in the UK had any experience of plastic surgery with a surgeon knowing of their status ?

  • Hello. I have had 3 plastic surgeys in the past 5 years. I due a short scar face lift in 2 months. My HIV doctor referred to this surgeon as he is a specialist in HIV lypodystophy on tge face (amongst other things) of this is in the UK........

  • Could I ask where you had the surgery and cost

  • What are you wanting to do?

  • Want to tighten my neck so I have better definition

  • Uk through national health service 👍🏼

  • Yes indeed - no issue - they don't even ask of your status in the UK - in Thailand they use it to extract an extra 50 percent

  • They do pre surgery test which include hiv test so if you do not tell them before hand and the test flags it up, you stand the risk of loosing any deposit you might have paid.

  • I have an appointment in March to see a consultant as I need skin removal due to weight loss. I will liet you know.

  • Hi, i am considering fat reduction and uplift in some areas of my body. I have spoken to several doctors here in the UK and abroad. I have two surgeons who have agreed to perform the surgery and i have a letter from my HIV doctor that i am asymptomatic and on medication. You can contact Dr. Bill Townley of Guys' and Thomas hospital. All the doctors are interested in knowing is that you are on medication and your viral load is very low. You can google Real self website which is mainly for plastic surgeons and there find doctors who do not mind operating on positive clients. Some Overseas doctors actually charge double the price, so be ware. Another doctor in London Clinic hospital is equally ok with performing surgery on hiv positive client. All the best.

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