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Vitamins and pacemskers

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Would anyone know if it’s ok or do they take vitamin b6 for energy or should I check with cardiologist gp or pharmacist first ? I have a dual chamber pacemaker , I take bisoprolol, naproxen and lansoprazole

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Hi Westie2012! Vitamk B6 supplements should have no adverse effect on your heart / pacemaker if taken at recommended doses. However, unless you have a malabsorption syndrome, are a strict vegetarian, are malnourished alcoholic or have some uncommon kidney diseases your diet should provide adequate amounts of B6 and supplements are not necessary. The health benefits of B6 supplements to a normal diet are unproven (that's why the seller use the words "may benefit" when referring to the possible advantages of supplements) and many people do not appreciate that excessive intake of most vitamins can be dangerous. Although vitamin supplements are generally cheap I'd put the money into your groceries instead!

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