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Thousands of ectopics

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Does anyone get 13,000 PACs in 24 hours with no treatment offered? Just told they are benign but that's not what I have read. I feel awful all the time but GP just says "your heart's doing what it always does". Not reassured.

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If you are symptomatic you need to be referred to a Cardiologist for assessment and treatment. It can take a few attempts to find a Dr who will take you seriously and offer treatment.

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stargazey in reply to bantam12

No choice where I live they aren't intersection and I travelled 80 miles to see a private cardiologist which cost me £200. He arranged CT angio which was clear, I paid for that echocardiogram and GP arranged 24 monitor. Can't keep paying out and beginning to think "I don't care, if it kills me it kills me - just hope it's quick and I'd don't linger on after a catastrophic stroke".

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bantam12 in reply to stargazey

I was getting over 20,000 a day but it took 6 years and 3 Cardiologists to get treatment.A 24 hour monitor is useless, you need one for at least 3 days preferably more to give a decent reading.

Unfortunately Drs don't take us seriously so it's a hard slog to get help but you have to be persistent, maybe ask to try a beta blocker to see if it helps.

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stargazey in reply to bantam12

They wouldn't do a three day monitor. I found some old correspondence and five years ago I was getting 8,500 so that's an increase of over 4,500 a day. Trouble is I live in Cornwall where healthcare is very limited. I'm a pensioner and have already laid out hundreds. I had beta blocker a while ago but took heart rate and BP too low. Might try again. Thanks.

its not easy to believe. I get 25 to 75 Pacs a day and find that hard enough to deal with, plus PVCs and PAT (tachycardia), I have GAD and panic disorder with agoraphobia and cant seem to get on a medication of any type right now so it happens all day and night. I hope you dont feel all of those.

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stargazey in reply to MFM008

Please believe! No I don't feel all of them but they feel worse when sitting or feel eating so don't know if hiatus hernia is involved vagus nerve, etc,

Yes i do stargazey, i was amazed the first time that number was caught on my heart monitor but have had many higher numbers than that over the years. I thought my cardiologist would be appalled but no, he was quite ok about it. I hate those horrid ectopics.

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stargazey in reply to meadfoot

I don't have Afib at the moment but if it develops I cannot take blood thinners due to having a brain bleed three years ago, also had three microbleeds (well that was two years ago but could be more now). Clear CT angio. I read that anything over 100 a day are a potential problem. Does your cardio say nothing?

I have a top notch cardiologist in one of central Londons major hospitals. I have ultimate faith in him. He is extremely highly rated with his peers so i have chosen to be comforted by him being not worried by them. The fact they are so debilitating causes me hassle on a symptomatic level though. They come and go in my case so i do get freedom from them but when they do come they last for several weeks .

This might help as an example. After crashing my motorbike Wrexham hospital found very strange heart patterns with a large number of ventricular ectopics(cannot give a number but certainly thousands} . No symptoms but I surrendered my driving license. This prompted me to go private. I had the usual tests such as stress, ultimately it was found that my heart structure was fine. The ectopics are well controlled now by bisoprolol 1.25g daily. I use an emay monitor which shows virtually none. If your heart is sound the received wisdom is that that ectopics are usually benign. In your case, given the number, I would get another opinionand maybe ask about beta-blockers. I am currently driving under sect 88 road traffic act as my cardiologist has cleared me as fit to drive btw.

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stargazey in reply to Meeshell1

Thank you so much for your reassurance. Going to talk to GP while I wait for cardiologist to ring. Was getting 8,500 in 2016. I did a four mile walk today and if anything I felt better until I sat down, ate and relaxed on sofa. Then they were just continuous jumps and flutters.

Believe to your dr. I had the same problems many years. Paroxitin was my solution. I am Ok 2.5 years.

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