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Hey guys,

I know i have been on here before to my ectopics. I have had countless testing but when ive worn holters and done ecg an eposode has never happened. What i experience is like a sudeen rapod heavy irregular thud like a fish flopping lasts about 10 to 15 seconds bit comes out of nowhere. I am on thyroxine and last bloods 7 weeks ago were strady and hadnt had ectopics for 3 months that i could feel anyway and 2 days ago as i had hearburn i bent over to get the mail and boom! Like a car changing gears heavy thuds but i felt my pulse amd was steady? I have stopped taking the iron tabs as i dunno scared they are givibg me acid maybe? 2 yrs amd ectopics on amd off every few months they hang around for weeks then go . I feel ok i stabilose thyroid feel ok then they come back? Iron is low im trying to fix it. Im so defeated as i cant live with this terrifying symptom! Im scared and stops me living life as i feel whay if i ignorr this one and i have afib or get a heart attack? Done 2 stress test 2 holters all ok.

Can somwone please reply ??

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I know just how you feel. This happens to me also. I've worn Holter's twice and also 30 day monitors twice. Last 30 day monitor showed some pvc's and was told not to worry . Yeah right! Mine are like yours. They come and go. Haven't had any for a while and the last 3 days it's been many every day. Just wore the monitor last year so don't know whether to go back or not. I've had these for years but now i'm old and they hurt worse and make me short of breath. I've had stress test, echo test and monitor's . No answers. Hope you find out something soon.


How are your ectopics going?


How did you treat them, when did they start did they get worse with age also you have thyroid?


Search for Dr Sanjay Gupta on U-Tube. He is a cardiologist who does very helpful videos, including on ectopics. He recommends a breathing exercise - breathe in for a count of 7 and out for a count of 11, slowing right down to about six a minute. Practise on good days so it's easy on bad days. This can stop them. He also explains what causes them, which helps to take the fear away. They really are not dangerous - They just feel like it!

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Do you have them?


Sometimes, but not desperately badly. On the Healthunlocked AFA Community there is lots of discussion about them. So you may find searching on there is helpful.


Could you send me a link


I would also recommend the videos by Dr Sanjay Gupta on U-Tube. He not only talks of ectopics but indigestion related palps which has made me realise the link between the stomach and the heart. Link here:

I have had ectopics since the age of 18, I am now 48. Like you, I have had monitors on and many ECGs over the years, and whenever I had them on it showed up ectopics but never some of the really nasty ones that felt irregular. I completely understand where you are coming from. So many times I was asked, 'are you drinking too much caffeine?'. I got so fed up with it, I went over to caffeine free drinks to prove a point, as i knew this was not the cause. Obviously caffeine can make it worse, so always best to avoid it anyway.

I was always told the ectopics are nothing to worry about, which is of little help when you are the one experiencing them. When you get those sensations, you think this really can't be right, there has to be something wrong and the doctors are missing something. That then brings on the anxiety which makes it worse and then a vicious cycle starts.

I wouldn't be able to comment on any thyroid issues, but would like to say that over the years my symptoms have changed. I have low iron/ferratin levels, and more recently low vitamin D. I go through phases of many ectopics to only a few, and more recently have had some SVT's recorded which seem to happen at night and I am not aware of them usually.

It can go from a missed beat and then a big thud to a rubbing sensation, a flip flopping sensation like the heart wants to jump out of the chest and a butterfly sensation. I have also had sensations going up into my throat, and very odd feelings in my stomach. I find if I have an infection/period/low iron/anxiety/tiredness/stress or indigestion, these all bring it on more.

When I was younger I used to wear quite tight jeans, and noticed that when I lent forward I would get palpitations for a few seconds. I mentioned this to my GP but nothing was really said. I now know many years later that the vagus nerve is linked to the stomach and the heart. I think as I lent forward, my clothes compressed on my stomach area and this had an effect on the nerve that is linked to both my stomach and my heart. Please note, this is my own conclusion I have had to come to as a result of reading as much as I can on the subject. More recently as I suffer with more indigestion, I have had a flip flopping feeling in my tummy every step I walk. It only happens occasionally thankfully, but it really frightened me and i nearly got back in my car and went home as I was too scared to walk. I tried to relax my breathing, I sat down , had a drink and something small to eat, and in about 20 minutes it subsided and I carried on with my day.

I would definitely only stop your iron if your GP says that is OK, as i think if your iron is too low the ectopics may become more frequent. It' s a very frustrating thing to live with and because know one can see what's going on, it's hard for those that don't suffer with it to fully understand how you feel. I can't recommend enough learning breathing techniques to help with the anxiety and trying to keep away from those things that stress you.

If I ever feel something is different or i haven't felt it before I would always go back for another check, just to be sure.


Firstky thankyou so much for your response! I feel.all of what you feel! Wow since 18 its only been bearly 3 yrs for me and im fking miserable. How do you stay happy are you ateer the anxiety away it it happens when you ate out. Do u drink ? Do you have health anxiety when they come.

You are so right when they say its normal they have no idea what it feels like and the fear thats attached to it. I watched sanjay videos over a yr ago he is amazing but inside i just want them gone you know?

The erratic flip flop feeling all what you descibe amd yes the bending over OMG! I got the mail 2 weeks agi and like the butterfly was in speed heart was vrioiom but in flio flop lasted aboit 10 sec but i cried. Panic always sets in. I stopped the iron as i feel its giving me hearburn long time gerd sufferer in the past so feel im always susceptible to acid so dr said try chicken livers as they are super high in iron. Going to eat them daily for 3.months amd see but have been aneamic since i was 16 on and off as i have super HEAVY periods and right now its low. I have thallesemia so my haemoglobin is lower but going to try the liver as i feel the heartburn plays the ectopics. I think what the hell why this now ive had heartburn low iron and never had ECTOPICS. Alsi like you recently i have low vit d but from my anxiety havent beem in the sun last 2 yrs and im a summer baby. Dont know it if it contributes. Im single and think omg what ig i do meet someone i hope to but the thoight of being pregnant with ectopics omg. Do you have kids and how do you get through knwing you had all tests like me? Xx


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