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co-codamol and Apixaban, can they be taken together ok.

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I'm having a lot of back pain at the moment and paracetamol isn't working.

Anyone got any thoughts on the best pain killer. I tried Devils Claw and got virtually every possible side effect on the list. Plus I had AF every day I took it.

All the best.


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Hi Roy, Funnily enough I asked my cardiologist this earlier today when I went for an echo and review. He said it's absolutely fine. Just steer clear of those NSAIDS!

You can take them together. It’s paracemtaol and codeine, neither which affect platelets or further thins blood. No NSAIDs. For pain, try topicals - Lidocaine, Icy Hot, Arnica, CBD salve or voltaren (but use only once/twice a day as it is an NSAID and is absorbed). I also take paracematol 1000 mg three times a day.

Hope you find relief.

Thanks for the suggestions.All the best.


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