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Ectopic like feeling that lasts 2-3 seconds. What is it?


Hello everyone. I know this topic is discussed frequently but I really need help with this weird feeling concerning my heart. I get PVC's and PAC's mostly everyday and although these gave me quite the scare when they first appeared now they are just a nuisance. But maybe twice a month I get this different rhythm which occurs for 2-3 seconds. It feels and starts like and ectopic but then my heart seems to be stuck there beating weirdly for a couple of beats. It is not fast I presume, at least it doesn't feel like it. I do not get any other symptoms during this episode not even lightheaded or breathless. I just get fearful and usually stand up and panic for a few seconds. Most people on this forum probably know what I am talking about but has anyone actually got this caught on a monitor. I am having trouble keeping my mind at ease without knowing what this really is. It does not feel like bigeminy because there is no normal rhythm when this is happening just feels like my every beat is an ectopic or whatever. Hope someone can help.

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I get constant ectopics, PACs and PVCs, my heart does brief pauses then irregular flip flops for a few beats and back to normal ectopics, can't explain it any better but sounds similar to your problem. I do get lightheaded and presyncope if it's a long pause.

To find out more go on utube and type "yorkcardiology" in the serch box, this will take you to a number of videos by a cardiologist called Dr Gupta, look for videos regarding you symptoms, you may find many of his other video interesting as well

Yes I have watched Dr Gupta many times. He is really great and has put my mind at ease on many occasions. Thanks for reccomending him.

I have this and my loop recorder said it’s atrial ectopic salvos, atrial missed beats happening in clusters.

Thats quite interesting. What did your doctor say about them where they of concern or benign as any other ectopic beat in a normal heart?

They tell me it’s benign. It really doesn’t feel it. I do get head rushes and feel like I’m going to pass out with them when they go on for more than a couple of beats. I also occasionally have atrial tachycardia that comes in short bursts. They say if it gets worse they can attempt ablation but as it’s the left side of the heart there are more risks. So I’ve just left it for now.

Yep it’s either a short run of PACs or PVCs. If your heart is otherwise healthy your doctor won’t be concerned about this at all. I always hate those too so you are not alone. I once had one that seemed close to 10 beats long and I couldn’t breathe but my dr didn’t seem bothered.

I was just describing my own symptoms to a doctor friend today who also hd a problem. He recommended magnesium but not the one the quacks will sell, like magnesium oxide, which apparently passes right through the body. The one we need is magnesium citrate. I just bought a big bottle to give it a try. If I, as a sufferer of 45 years gets any results I will let you know.

Kardy in reply to Cliffo23

I’d love to know if it works too

Cliffo23 in reply to Kardy

I have been taking 400 mg of Magnesium citrate for just a week now, and a non-addictive anti-depressant called Escitalopram 5mg for 3 weeks. My anxiety levels are down and my ectopics have reduced to just a few dozen a day. Can't say whether it is one drug or both that is doing the good work. My brain fog has lifted too.

Kardy in reply to Cliffo23

That sounds great

So its been a while since i had the feeling again until today when i was just about to lie down it started when I was in a semi reclined position. I can always induce it this way ever since I was a teen. I stayed there for a second or so and then stood up since it was not going back in to rhythm. It resolved on its own up on standing. My heart feels squishy during pacs unlike pvcs. The beat was definitely not fast I am sure of it this time. So I am guessing what I felt was pacs in clusters. Hoping to catch it on a monitor someday.

Hi there,

I'm writing this on mobile so I'll have to keep it short. I just wanted to say I've been plagued by what sounds like the same thing as you for the last few years (I'm only 29 years old). They are terrifying, and are truly the largest burden on my anxiety.

In 2017 I went into AF for a run that lasted 3 days and needed to be cardioverted. It began exactly with an episode of presyncope, "heart pause" (as I described it) and intense adrenaline before going full AF. This was my first exposure to a real, diagnosed arrthymia even though I had been feeling palpitations all my life. It wrecked me. I understood paroxysmal AF on its own isn't dangerous, but my psychology for several months was telling it wasn't *just* AF. Something more sinister was responsible for my pause and presyncope.

Well, it's been a few years now and my EP continues to assure me it's nothing to worry about. I've done a stress test, had monitors for 60+ days (insurance won't cover a loop recorder), blood work, CT scan, X-rays and still nothing has been found.

Sadly, lately the episodes have emerged again and I find myself here looking for reassurance. My episodes are almost identical to yours. Sudden feeling of pause, vision loss, standing up in a panic, that last about 5 seconds. I suffer from intense cardiac health anxiety, convinced I have a deadly form of arrhythmia rather than just AF and PVC/PACs. So I've been hunting for some kind of reassurance everything will be okay.

Anyway, I just wanted to express how reassuring it is to hear I'm not alone - from everyone here. These pauses, especially occurring while I'm sitting, are really probably benign.

I hope to you get some answers soon but do know you're not alone. I think with less fear they will feel less intense.


I just read your post and I am sure I have got the same “palpitations” you describe. I get them for almost 1 year now. Sometimes once or twice a day, sometimes a few days nothing at all.

When they happen I automatically gasp for air, jump up and start coughing, thinking it will bring the normal rythm back. It only lasts a few seconds and after it my heart goes about 160bpm, probably also from the adrenaline.

I also get “normal” PVC’s, but they feel totally different.

These ones give me such a fear that my life is no longer is what it used to be.

I was wondering how you are now and perhaps you got some new answers to what it might be?


mstryinghard8 in reply to Rpl80

hi, how different it is to normal PVC? I'm having weird feeling 1-2 secs I dont know if its PVC/PAC or this post from eciftcioglu

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