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Heart-healthy foods?


I am 44 and I have an irregular heart beat which turned into a racing heart for four hours a few weeks ago (taken to hosp). This has only ever happened once and I will do all that I can to avoid it happening again (although I do enjoy a few gins on the weekend after a busy working week). Which are the best foods to eat to ensure a healthy heart? I hate the thought of a repeat!!


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Hi. I had an irregular heart beat 20 years ago which changed into SVT (racing heart) I have been on meds since!

Julia7 in reply to Bmwpaul1971

I’ve only had one episode of racing heart which lasted for 4 hours....I put it down to too much caffeine, along with lots of exercise and low carb diet. I’m trying to find out the best heart healthy foods to help. I also have an irregular beat which was discovered when my heart rate was racing. Thanks for your reply...any food advice?

Bmwpaul1971 in reply to Julia7

Definately caffeine, mostly coffee. Over indulging - defo! Alcohol. Too much exercise, for me anyway! Not enough sleep - that's a big trigger

Julia7 in reply to Bmwpaul1971

Thanks. I’m on a very low dose of Bisprolol....not a missed beat since. Saying that, I didn’t have many to start with unless feeling anxious about something. I’m doing resistance training rather than cardio. I don’t think anxiety helps at all. I’m hoping to come off the meds and only have a tablet if it plays up...is that an option do you think? Dread it happening again which is making me anxious! Lol

I've cut out out caffeine completely and that includes decaff which can still contain quite a residue of caffeine , My SVT's are now rare and not so severe. Lighter meals also help.

Julia7 in reply to maria40

Thanks for this, Maria. I was drinking over a litre a day of Pepsi Max and I’m sure this didn’t help. I have cut it out completely. Was doing a keto (very low carb) diet too. I’m not sure if it is the medication keeping them at bay or cutting out the caffeine. I’m hoping to come off the med and see how I go!

We are all different with different heart issues. I'd talk with a dietician. I'm on low sodium, 64fl oz a day.

Julia7 in reply to Spanaway

Thanks for your reply; you are completely right about all being different. A dietician’s advice is a very good idea....will look into


Hi Julia , Did the hospital catch the rythmn?

A heart can be healthy with palpitations - in terms of arterial health then good diet , good bmi and exercise regularly

I found alcohol was terrible with white wine for triggering my heart and even though ablated it doesn’t suit but gin ok !

Also costa coffee gives me ectopics

Hope that helps xfiona

Thanks so much for your reassuring reply! Yes, I had lots of ecgs done in the hosp and while it was racing, the ecg picked up an irregular beat. Not sure if it was only irregular because it was racing though? I hate feeling my heart skip...really worries me. However, I’ve never had a racing heart for 4 hours before...I will do anything to avoid it again. I’m eating bananas, walnuts, spinach etc and doing resistance training. Given up Diet Coke and sticking to gin if I want a drink although I don’t think wine started it. I was doing the keto diet which also may not have helped. All in all: a bad combo maybe?

Lillesnhearts in reply to Julia7

Hi Julia, can you let me know how your changes in diet go? I’ve been told a couple of times by paramedics to watch what I’m eating as foods containing msg can make it worse! Also bananas and avocados which I love😫

Since I had my monitor results back and showed up one short episode of a racing heart(9beats) 190pm it has freaked me out! I’ve stopped alcohol and coffee!

Take care

Julia7 in reply to Lillesnhearts

Hi there....I eat a banana every day for potassium and magnesium. I have stopped drinking Diet Coke and other caffeinated drinks (I was drinking up to two litres a day!). I’m taking a magnesium supplement every day. My diet is usually healthy anyway...lots of salad, fish and chicken but I’m also now eating porridge and avocados. Salmon is excellent for the heart. I haven’t stopped drinking alcohol but have cut down on the volume I drink. Saying that, I won’t drink hardly any alcohol during September as I’m back in work (I’m a secondary school teacher). I’m researching other heart-healthy foods all the time!

Do u get palpitations when u drink?i do eat very healthy most of the time. Do u find the magnesium helps?

Hi there....I don’t get them at the time of drinking but sometimes get a few the next morning (esp around time of period). I also feel anxious if I drink too much....which sets them off. Then I go for a while without any. Having them tonight funnily enough. I’m trying to ignore them. I’m not taking magnesium regularly enough to know if it helps. Going to take a tablet now mind to see if it does.

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