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severe palpitations post ablation


Hi all.

5 weeks post ablation and when I have a shower or stress I get severe palpitations after for 30 secs when heart is bouncing all over the place followed by eptopic beats fir 10 mins. I never had these pre ablation. does anyone else get this and does it sound normal? my arrythmia support are not very helpful in replying

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I am hearing more and more cases of people like you who are experiencing different or worse symptoms after an ablation. Frankly I would think twice before having one. I rather stay as I am now living with ectopics than having to experience new unknown symptoms. Wish all the best and hope it is just a temporary thing.

dadfrogboy in reply to KopEnd

I'm pretty confident that the majority of ablations are worthwhile and im guessing my recovery is just taking longer than hope. I would always be guided by the clinical experts. but its certainly useful to be aware of all the possible outcomes before having an ablation

sheffbk in reply to KopEnd

I don't like to say it, but there seem to be many more stories of ablations not giving hoped for results than otherwise - is this just because the successes go away happy and are not heard of again, or?

I think ablation success rates as quoted by electrophysiologists are high, (eg 70%, 90%) but I fear their criterion for success may be low. Furthermore, many of the early trials had no long term follow-up, even for as short as 2 years.

We need more data - there are thousands of patients to collect it from.

I do know that quality of life for some with palpitations is so poor that even a partial success is useful -- so good luck to all having the procedure.

Hi, feeling the same as you right now. Had my ablation (partially successful) a month ago and now suffering horrible ectopics pretty regularly- far worse than before the procedure. The arrhythmia nurse advised me today that it’s difficult to predict if they’ll disappear over time. Some people’s disappear, some people’s don’t. Not what you (or I) want to hear but I guess it’s a bit of a waiting game. Best wishes for your recovery.

dadfrogboy in reply to LCM79

interesting, i do think most things do settle down after a while, let's hope that's the case. I am getting more relaxed with them now and I do think anxiety and awareness of them doesn't help. Good luck.

I complained of similar issues to my EP after my 3rd ablation. His response was that your heart experiences a lot of stress during an ablation and PVCs (as we call them in the US) are not uncommon for a period of time. Mine lasted about 6 weeks.

Good to hear and mine have reduced a lot now thankfully I know they are not serious but they are certainly unpleasant

I hope you're OK. Had my ablation for AVNRT five years ago. So glad I had it done, yes I experienced the same thing. It does settle down

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