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PVC and bigeminies post-ablation - healing time?


I am new to the forum, 58 y, moderately fit (used to swim 500-1000 metres, hike for 3-4 hours with 300-400m hills) had 10 weeks ago my second ablation for symptomatic frequent PVC (bigeminies, couplets, NSVT). First was semi-successful for 3 years.

The PVC temporarily reduced just before the ablation, but EP triggered bigeminies with isoprenilin and found and ablated focus in the left ventricle (first ablation was for the right ventricle) around mitral valve. The PVC returned during two weeks after RFA and then vanished for 5 weeks (completely - I have not had this for years and years), I was cycling, swimming and getting life back! Unfortunately - PVC returned with 16% daily load/ 30% hourly load 7 weeks after ablation (bigeminies, quadrigeminies, couplets) and increase during simple walk and loads. Now during 10th week - same - does it mean ablation fail or there is a chance the heart is still healing, especially as PVC did vanish for a few weeks?

So the key question - what is the time for healing and whether PVC can ramp up towards the end of healing? Also with this history - any hope that ablation may still work?

It is shame that those with successful outcomes less often come to the forums (that I fully understand :-)) and any views of past history are very appreciated!

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Hai I’m from Malaysia and sorry if my English not good. I’m having PACs for 13 years and every year are getting worst until I’m getting PACs bigeminy and couplets. So my EP gave me flecainide 100mg twice daily but nothing help..so at last EP suggested RF ablation..(post ablation 11 weeks today) 3rd day after ablation my PACs bigeminy attacked with full force, very sad and disappointed..so my EP suggest me to take back flecainide 100mg twice daily again.. this time flecainide kick in and my PACs bigeminy seems to reducing..but before ablation flecainide not helping at all..so I suggest u to take back med for a while 1st..I believed our hearts still healing..God Blees u..

nano-science in reply to CVSKL

Dear Cvskl, many thanks! Very useful - will try med, it takes time in UK to get to the cardiologist through GP's stonewall :-). Let's hope there is still the chance - some folks sayd that it can take 6-9 (even 12 months). God Bless U2!

Interesting post - afibbers.org/forum/read.php... the blanking period might be way longer. U have seen the paper with statistics in thousands where post-ablation PVC from AF ablation that PEAKS at 3 months (that is nominal blanking) but subsides at 6 months.

Sorry can you please explain what a pvc is

It is premature ventricular contraction that creates skipped bits, but if that is every other beat called bigeminy it is taking up your breath and you cannot walk at any reasonable pace as your heart goes with 40-45 beats effectively.

Thanks so much for that trying to understand everything before my appointment with electrolysis guy about my ablation

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