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travel after ablation


I have an ablation coming up and had a week visiting family in spain booked in before the I knew the ablation date. I am now due to be flying three weeks after the event. The holiday itself would be relaxing, but it does involve flying there and train journeys within spain.

Does anyone have any idea how likely I am to be ready fro this?


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Hi Ben, it's difficult to predict how you will feel after your ablation .

Some people have quite a few funny goings on for many weeks after and some like myself ( 3 ablations in the bag ) very little trouble. You certainly should not be over exerting yourself .

Personally I would not have planned such a trip so soon but others may disagree. Can you ask for your EPs advice. Don't forget your travel insurance as well . Are they aware of your position?



I can only speak for myself as each case is different. I travelled to south America within 4 weeks of my ablation - it involved 6 flights and lots of internal transport, and walking in the Andes, and I was fine, though not without some trepidation. It does depend on what your consultant advises but I would not think Spain is a risk - though you will need to let your travel insurance people know - they will probably exclude cover for heart related issues but as you will be in a part of the EU your EH111 card should cover it anyway. Have a nice trip - hopefully you will enjoy it even more with the benefit of the ablation.



Hi Ben, I can only tell you what I was told by my EP at LGI, I asked that very question and was told at least 6 weeks after my ablation, I would suggest contacting your EP's secretary and finding out from them, hope all goes well and keep us posted. Take care, Judy

Not only the matter as to how you feel but also what your insurance company says. Some will not allow any travel for anything from 1 to 6 months after an ablation. Some will insist that you have a minimum of 1 consultantation with your EP after your ablation and they may stipulate elapsed time period (eg 3 months). Each company is different. A few points that most people will not know about.

Firstly if you are already with an insurance company and they say you must wait 6 months then do NOT just go and buy a policy with another insurer without fully declaring the time wait because that time wait is classified as a special condition. In the event that you have a need to claim on the policy the new company can refuse to pay any costs because of non-declaration.

Secondly if you have an annual travel insurance policy and you get an illness or require an operation or procedure then if you phone up your insurance company they may agree to suspend your policy until you are well enough to use it (usually providing you haven't made a claimin the policy - but there may be some exceptions). So, for instance, if you are 3 months into your policy and you get an ablation date and phone them up telling them that they may agree to suspend for say 1 year (get the maximum you can at the time) and then your remaining 9 months will kick in 1 year later. If however you were OK to travel after say 7 months then you could phone them and restart it straight away.

Thirdly if you have breakdown cover with the AA or RAC there are a few things worth noting. If you have sole person cover they will allow a suspension for up to a year for medical reasons (ie if you aren't going to use your car and your spouse / partner is not also covered). Also if you buy a car (secondhand or new) and are given breakdown cover as part of the package then again you can suspend for a year.

I would not fly after my ablation. First 2 months felt not so good, and I had to go back to hospital once. I would wait. I have also read somewhere that stress soon after the ablation can reverse the effect and the signals on rare cases may come back. So actually first 3 months easy and stress free as much as possible. But talk to your doctor better. Good luck.

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