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Post Ablation update

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Hi Peeps, I know many, myself included always look for updates on how treatments are going. I'm NOW 7 weeks post ablation for AVRNT & although experiencing frequent ectopics I have today felt well enough after 2.5 yrs of frequent svt's requiring lots of Adenosine, to get out on my bike!! A real turning point for me, took it easy but it feels like a real achievement. So I listened to my body & went for it. I've had spikes of fast heart rates during the past 7 weeks but no svt runs at all since ablation. My advice to anyone is to opt for ablation if you are looking for a better quality of life, the slight discomfort if you are conscious & sedated is nothing compared to the benefits I'm feeling right now. I hope your own treatments bring you good results. Best wishes all.

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So glad you’re doing well Stumpy47. Diagnosed with heart failure almost 2 years ago. A couple of months since my 2nd ablation (which, by necessity, damaged my AV node so I have a CRT device too) and I’m feeling great. 10-15 mile bike rides when I have the time. Re-evaluated my life goals and retired early today at age 64.

Best wishes.

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Stumpy47 in reply to IanMK

Inspiring stuff well done!

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IanMK in reply to Stumpy47

Now just need my cardiologist to tell me that my EF is greater than 55% and that I can come of most (or even all) meds. 😀

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Beta44 in reply to IanMK

Congratulations, Ian, life’s better on the outside.


Hi, glad to hear so far so good!!

I had my second ablation attempt for svt one week ago. They think this time maybe they got it. I dream of one day riding a bike and climbing a mountain. Hope your heart stays well!

Great to hear you are feeling good, snap had mine in January and I agree best thing I ever did. Enjoy life now !!🤗

Amen to you Stumpy47. Was used to intense exertion. With afib & a little flutter, had lost energy. Underwent ablation 19 months ago. Though recovery to prior level of exertion took longer than was told, am now back to basketball with men 30-40 years younger. definitely worked for me.

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Stumpy47 in reply to MoundMan

Good news, patience is key, listen to your body it lets you know when to get back to doing stuff!!

Spot-on, Stumpy47, with listening to body. Guidance from cardiologist & PA in regard to recovery time was far from accurate. Body and expectations didn't coincide.

Happy your ablation went well. I just have a question for you....when you say had spikes of fast heart rates but no SVT how high would your heart rate get. I had Ablation almost 7 months now and I have had the same. Just wondering what it went up to.

Hi the spikes I had were well over 120 bpm & maxed at 167 bpm when walking normally around town for maybe 20 minutes or so & soon dropped again when resting , I had no symptoms of STV at all ie tightness & heaviness in the chest, so am pleased about that. My main problem is the increased ectopic beats (more noticeable at night). I still find shortness of breath an issue as well, & have been put back on low dose 2.5mg Bisoprolol & will be having a 72 hour Holter fitted on 2nd of Aug to monitor what's going on. Don't be afraid to seek advice from your GP or EP. Best wishes.

How did your 72 hour holter go? Did you get good results.

Hi, I have too wait 3/4weeks for it to be processed so in 2 weeks I have a follow up with EP so hope for results . I had a lot of ectopics whilst wearing it. I'll be sure to up date you here .Best wishes

Hi cynthia1980 just an update, last week I had to call an ambulance at 03-00 because my heart decided to start playing up!! Ectopic runs,palpitations together with a 44bpm heart rate. The upshot because of the slow heart rate during the day as well, is a recommendation for my cardio to look at fitting a pacemaker so now I'm waiting to be seen asap. I'm just hoping I can get some normality back I've not been allowed to drive for 6 months now, it's a real pain! How is your own treatment going? Best wishes. Wayne

Good up until yesterday evening. I had a episode where my heart rate went up to 168 bpm while it was napping. Caught the episode on my apple i watch and one of the online cardiologist looked at the ecg and said it was SVT. Im going to call my EP doctor this morning. Really upsetting that the ablation wasn't 100%. Had it done 7 months ago.

Did you have all the symptoms with it the episode? The spikes I still get reach up to 168 bpm but I have no heaviness /tightness in the chest just the palpitations which do not last very long maybe 5 or 10 seconds instead of 3 hours or so. Try to stay positive I know it's difficult. There's always someone here to chat with.

Thank you for chatting with me. Just palpitations and it lasted for 30 seconds. Online cardiologist said the ecg strip showed SVT though. I’m really down right now because I didn’t want to have a second ablation. I hope they get you in ASAP and that it all works for you.

Hi cynthia980

I hope you are coping?

I had a check/follow up on my May ablation at Stoke Royal Staffs today 28th August, all good as far as the recurring episodes of SVT (none since) but found my low heart rate & spikes of high heart rate now require the fitting of a pacemaker!! I had the option of trying different drugs which may well take another 2 years to trial & test & still need a pacemaker in the end. So I felt the best option was a pacemaker, with certain drugs to keep the high heart rate down & the pacemaker as a back up, Cardio/EP reckons it may help with the Ectopics too! I would rather have some quality of life rather than feel fatigued continuously!

My implant is scheduled for 24th Sept 2019 & have been taken off Bisoprolol completely until then, so overall I'm positive about the whole thing.

Keep your spirits up there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Best Wishes Wayne

Good afternoon. Saw cardiologist today and he recommended that I see my electrophysiologist for follow up. Says it looks like a few beats of SVT on ecg off of my apple I watch. Says he isn’t concerned but may need another EP study with possible ablation. Scheduled with EP on 9/9/19. Hopefully it will be a good visit with positive results. Good luck with your implant on 9/24/19. Keep me updated.

The ablation worked fine for me, so if you get the option seriously consider it, well worth the little bit of discomfort for the returns. I'll keep in touch .

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