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How to be positive and believe your heart is ok


Hey i started experiencing missed heartbeats back in march ive had quite a few test blood,ecg 24hr monitor and an echocardiogram the cardiologist said my heart it perfectly normal they did pick up a few pvc/pac on the monitor but absolutely nothing to worry about as heart is normal but im really struggling to get my head round that and im constantly living in fear i dont want it to carry on ruining my life has anyone got any suggestions how i can cope and start believing my heart is ok and im not going to drop down dead and start living my life again without living in fear. Merry Christmas

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Hello, i had the same a few weeks ago and it was very worrying and uncomfortable. I was seen by a cardiologist, had an ecg and a 24 hour monitor. I was told it was nothing to worry about. It is called ectopic heartbeat , also i had palpitations(which i still get). The missed heartbeat doesnt happen now and i am comfortable. I am sure that it was due to stress. With what’s going on this year stress is a big factor in our lives. I think yours will settle, in time, try breathing exercises and walking if you are able to. If you still worry and it doesnt settle then talk to your GP again. It is unpleasant i know.

First and foremost, Merry Christmas! Hopefully, you were at least able to enjoy the holiday today. I am 25 and was diagnosed with SVT and have had PVCs and ectopics since I was 18. I’m still kicking! :-) Honestly, stress and fear over the future and my hearts wellbeing only has a negative effect. It’s easier said than done, but implementing certain practices to calm you down is important. Sometimes (emphasis on sometimes) they can even prevent the PVCs. Meditation is wonderful and there are apps you can use to guide you. Exercise that isn’t too strenuous (monitor your heart rate!). Keeping up with your water intake AND electrolytes. Hydration is super important. Lastly, breathe. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen. Be positive, be grateful, and take good care of yourself because that’s what you can do.

Praying for you, friend. xoxo.

Thank you do much for your reply and kind words i am trying to be mlre positive and trying to not let it ruin my life and constantly live in fear of dropping dowm dead, im hoping my mind set will start changing eventually and i will find ways to cope and live a normal life. Merry Christmas to you x

Hi i have these and this mans videos have helped me alot he explains how everyone gets up to 100 ectopics a day but are normally not

Kelm241982 in reply to Lauriem4

Thank you i will check out the video, how do u deal with yours if u dont mind me asking x

Lauriem4 in reply to Kelm241982

I just try and think theyve not hurt me before why would they now?And try and relax although it is hard for me still sometimes find it hard to think that. X

Hope you had a lovely Christmas. You are just like me. I have had PAF and ectopic beats for many years now. The first couple of episodes had me rushing into A&E convinced I was about to have a heart attack. I had all the tests plus an MRI of my heart and, like you, I have no damage to my heart. Several cardiologists have told me these episodes are very common and not life-threatening. I wonder how many of the medics have experienced these attacks because they sure feel life-threatening. I have learnt to cope with them much better over the years. I still don't like them but reading up on them has given me tips on calming myself during an attack and good advice on digestion etc which can have an impact on our heart rhythms. There are some excellent You Tube videos with Sanjay Gupta, a cardiologist in York. Definitely worth watching. Keep safe and well.

Thank u so much for replying its so reassuring when u hear other people experience the same things as you im try to find different ways of coping and trying not to live in fear everyday its just hard at times but hopefully i will get there x

Hi, I’ve been suffering from ectopics/extra beats for just over 2 years. I’ve been to A&E multiple times when I first experienced bad episodes. I was convinced I was going to drop dead, I had multiple tests including stress test/MRI/Echo all came back normal. Also had a heart monitor a few times but never able to really catch a ‘episode’ I eventually got a Apple Watch which enables me to do a 1 lead ecg which caught my extra beats.

Trust me my life was ruined and it took over my thoughts completely, at one stage I couldn’t leave the house, trying to sleep was a nightmare as this is all I could focus on. I still struggle with it today but the advice I can give you is to just ride them out. Exercise regularly, eat well and just be understanding about them. Dr Sanjay on YouTube offers advice and helps you understand that you won’t just drop dead (no one will ever guarantee you never will though ... trust me)

Learn about them, understand them and you then will be able to live with them. Eventually they will become less frequent and less noticeable. Then you can gain some sense of normality back.

Good luck and merry Christmas.

Kelm241982 in reply to Matt93

Thank u yes they have really began to take over every aspect of my life which i dont want them to carry on doing

Hi."..I’m. Lady of 73 and have a rare heart condition where my heart can stop suddenly going into a peculiar rhythm . I have a defibrillator fitted to my heart. For years ,I have had missed “ectopic” beats,which can be very scary but they’re not going to kill you!! In fact ,most people WITHOUT heart conditions have them quite frequently. My cardiologist,/electrophysiologist is not concerned at mine ,so stop worrying ......that’s probably the cause of them among other things. Chocolate sparks mine. I used to smoke ,and found that caused them too? If you’re otherwise healthy ,you’re very lucky!.....make the most of it and just calm down about it ,you will probably find they will disappear once you relax. Best wishes.

Thank u so much i know i need to stop worrying its just hard

Honestly......I was just like you once upon a time ,I put some relaxing music on and lie back and let the world float by!’re NOT going to come to harm from ectopic beats.

Thank u its nice to hear someone that has been where i am and came out the other side it gives me some hope xx

Relax and enjoy your life x

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