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Waking up to high heart rate

I wonder if anyone can help me.

I'm a 28 year old woman, fairly overweight, not very fit but no known illnesses or conditions. I'm a vegetarian and I do lots of walking mainly uphill as I live near the Yorkshire Moors.

I have been waking up from a deep sleep over the past few weeks to a heart beat of between 100-140bpm. It only lasts for a minute and then goes back to around 75-80. It's an uncomfortable feeling and it really frightens me. I sometimes wake up in a sweat too.

I don't tend to have these episodes during the day unless I'm active. So it's only really at night time.

I'm having a 24 hour holter monitor fitted today as I asked my GP to refer me to cardiology. I have a feeling I won't have any issues while wearing it, although I seem to have it every night. It would be just my luck.

Thanks in advance for any input. My sleep is greatly disturbed and I don't feel properly rested at all.

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I have that from time to time, and you are right it is a very unnerving feeling. In fact, I had it yesterday for the first time in a while. I just try to drink some extra water and wait it out. on those mornings when I wake up like that I do not have any caffeine / coffee until it passes. I have been checked out and all was well.


Hi and thanks for replying.

I had a 24 hour holter monitor yesterday and just waiting for the results of that. I've had three normal resting ECGs and I'm going to request an echo and stress test next if I can.


I had that problem for years, a couple of hours after falling asleep I would wake up with my heart racing, it would last about 5 minutes, I went to a funeral and come over dizzy then my heart took off at 198 beats a minute and would not stop, I was admitted to hospital, it was put back with adenisone. I am diagnosed with svt and take a beta blocker, I get lots of ectopic beats though.


Thanks for replying.

I'm not sure it's SVT as my heart has never gone over 160bpm before. But of course I know it could one day, I hope not.

How high would your heart get up to when you woke up in the night? These episodes never seem to happen during the daytime.

Is beta blocker the only option?


For about 10 years it would get to 150 beats, once or twice I went to a and e but it had gone down to 100, none of the medical people took it seriously and I didn,t know until the big attack which wouldn,t go back into rhythm, they stopped and started my heart 3 times and still it persisted so I was put on adenisone through my drip. The beta blocker does drop my heart rate and blood pressure too low, pulse 54 to 60 and bp. 96 over 50, sometimes I feel quite dizzy and unwell.


I had this on and off for years, thought it was night frights, I thought I was going to die, it only lasted about 5 minutes but it was so uncomfortable, it never showed up when I had a 24 hour monitor on 2 occasions. I went to my uncles funeral in February and had a bad attack, 197 beats a minute had to have it put back with adenisone in hospital. They put me on bisoprolol, it made me feel terrible, I discontinued it before Christmas and will see my doctor next Thursday to ask to be referred back to a heart specialist. When I saw him in March he said he was referring me to an electrophysiologist, I haven,t received anything .


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