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Ectopics after ablation

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Hi everyone .

I had an ablation 6 weeks ago I’m still on all my medication until my follow up appointment in March . For the last couple of days Iv had constant ectopics. Just like I had before my ablation. I’m worried my ablation hasn’t worked ? Has any one else experience this ?

Many thanks

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I had an ablation in August and still have episodes. I'm on Xarelto and Flecaninide twice a day. I'm not a happy camper at this point. I have a doctor appointment this Wednesday to find out the results of the holter monitor.

Hi dwright ,

Sorry to hear your suffering too , I’m on flecaninide aswell . My consultant had ordered a 24 hour tape . I thought I was through this nightmare .

Are you ectopics constantly?

Good luck with you results

No they are not seems they are present at night, of course, when I'm trying to go to sleep. I have read on different sites, that a second ablation might work?

This is my third ablation starting to lose hope .

So you must have afib? I have a flutters and this ablation was suppose to take care of it. I wonder about the medical field!? Do you feel that the ablations have helped at all? Geez Sorry you have to go through this:(

I had ablation for SVT and AFib my last ablation was for atrial tachycardia. It was 6 weeks ago . When I have a run of ectopics it then turns into AFib I really hope this doesn’t happen.

Some people it takes 3-6 to recover maybe that’s the case . Im not really sure , all my ablation have been successful. I’m still having problems

I just don’t want to be taking medication .

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