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Evening all I'm 6 weeks post flutter ablation and was feeling great.Today however I've had a lot of ectopics missed beats and extra ones.Cant think of any reasons.Would like some advice please.

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What type of flutter did you have?AVNRT is the most popular one to have and an ablation is normally 100% successful.

Once ablated you will never get this type of flutter ever again but unfortunately ectopics will still prevail as they originate mostly from the atrials.

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ETHEL103 in reply to Palpman

Do you know if any meds can help this.I know I should get in touch with a health professional but I'm off on my hols today.Not abroad just the Cotswolds. Looking forward to that.

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Palpman in reply to ETHEL103

Many will say that Flecainide must not be used for AFlutter but my cardiologist put me on 100 x2 pd. Since the day I started I've not had a single episode for 2 years. I used to have an attack about twice a week. 😊

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Hi Ethel103, thank you for your message. It is not uncommon to experience 'episodes' in the early stages of recovery from an ablation, it does not mean that the procedure has been unsuccessful. Please feel free to contact our Tracy at the AF Association if you need any support . In the meantime, you may wish to download the 'Recovering from an Ablation' patient info sheet, that can be downloaded from the Patients Tab:

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ETHEL103 in reply to TracyAdmin

Hi TracyAdmin.Thankyou I downloaded the recovery sheet months ago and have read it many times.Was concerned that for 6 glorious weeks of a peaceful rythmn I am experiencing lots of missed beats.Think the flutter ablation has stopped the fast hr but the ectopicscare horrible and it actually feels worse than the arrhythmia I had before.

You poor thing , I hope you have got sone answer by now! I wish you well from a suffer of ectopic beats for years !! They tried ablation on me but couldn’t bring on the episodes so they couldn’t fo anything for me !! I’ve started taking magnesium taurate few months back it’s really helped me 🙏🏻I hope things have got better for you.

All the best


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