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Anxiety after ablation

I had an ablation for SVT 6 months ago after being told for over 2 years by my GP that my palpitations were due to my underactive thyroid. I was told by my cardiologist straight after the procedure that it was unsuccessful, as they were still able to trigger an abnormal heart rhythm, but were unable to see the source. A stress test on my heart has confirmed this, as it triggered an episode of SVT of 260bpm for around 15 mins.

Since my ablation, I have suffered from the most horrendous anxiety, like post traumatic stress or something. I have been to a&e twice with chest pains/shaking only to be told on both occasions that I have been having an anxiety attack. I sit there constantly thinking about my heart, and aware of every little move it makes. It has totally taken over my life, even though I no longer suffer from regular SVT episodes like before. In a way I feel I had a better quality of life when I was more symptomatic as I was unaware of my problem. Also for the past 6 weeks or so, I have seen an increase in skipped beats like my heart is jumping all the time. Some days I don't get any, other times it feels like it's every other beat.

I'm becoming frequently frustrated with everything at the moment. I was supposed to be seeing my cardiologist to discuss my next steps/2nd ablation on 27th sept but my appointment has been delayed till 17th October so I'm in limbo until then.

Anyone else had a similar experience?

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I had two ablations first failed and two months later had another and was successful although ectopic still plague my life my anxiety was the biggest problem. I have has cbt and that helped so much!! I also have a Fitbit hr which gives me peace of mind. The fear is always there but can be controlled so not lose faith keep fighting please xxx

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Hi your post sounds so like me! I too had ablation for SVT 6 months ago & doc said straightforward & successful! Maybe, but whole experience (being awake thru procedure) has left its effect! Been diagnosed ptsd/nervous breakdown, not sure it was worth all this! I am getting better as you will, but slowly, it changes you as a person, lots of other things can trigger abnormal heart rhythms like hormones/lifestyle/food/drink it doesn't always mean there's a problem, this is what's taken me months to get my head around, I now take the approach that if something is wrong or is going to happen then we can't stop it! So take each day as it comes, put yourself fist, stay positive & enjoy the simple things & slowly ❤️rhythm will respond xx


So good to know that I’m not the only one! I actually went to see my GP yesterday, who has referred me to talking therapies. I cannot get over the way it has affected me the way it has. I don’t know if it was the procedure itself or the adenosine that I had to have when the procedure had finished where I literally felt my heart stop! But I’ve definitely not been the same person since.

My trouble now is that although I had A successful ablation of the left side of my heart, I still have SVT. Consultant told me at the time that I must have a problem on the right side too but he was unable to see where. So basically I’m 2 weeks time he will tell me that I need another ablation, and honestly I’m not sure that I can go through it?

Honestly I was happier when my SVT was undiagnosed and I was non the wiser ☹️x


Yes, please take comfort that you are not struggling alone! I too wish I had never had the procedure, & carried on managing the SVT but I know in the long run it would have to be treated as I got older, sometimes tho all these investigations & procedures have a detrimental impact on us psychologically I've been in such an "anxious" state that I've had 2 more holter traces & an Echo (during which cardiographer told me my heart was ok!) fast forward 4months to a follow up & doc says they found a small hole!!! But don't worry because I've probably had it all my life! Really?? Back to square one now & convinced it was done during procedure so yet more tests & investigation the cycle & torment continues. Thankfully I have a good support network so I'm determined to get thru this! Stay 💪😀xx


Oh no! Hopefully they get you sorted. I’m just waiting for my appointment in a couple of weeks to discuss the next steps. Fortunately my cardiologist is a lovely person and he usually puts my mind at ease a little. After a visit to my gp a few weeks ago who told me that SVT weakens the heart!! Erm, thanks for that love! Really helped the anxiety! x


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