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First svt ablation


Hey all!

Saw my EP today. First things he says are I want to do an ablation. I’m rightfully very scared. Again I’m a 23 yr/o Female. He didn’t want me to go on meds because one day I will want to start a family and can’t do that with meds.

How were your experiences with your ablation?!?

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Hi! I got my first ablation at 25 (only a couple months ago). It ended up not being successful (and honestly made things worse). But! I am a rare case. The procedure itself was not bad at all and honestly, I was asleep the whole time even though they told me I may not be. I didn't really have too much discomfort either. If it's successful then it's such an easy procedure!

EngMac in reply to Nb921

Did the EP do much diagnosis before making this recommendation? How often do you have AF and for how long? Do you know if it is vagal AF? Your neck and back have a major influence on the nerves that signal the heart. If you have spent lots of time on devices or your work requires your head to be down and forward, you may notice that the position of your neck and back influence when you get AF or irregular heart beats. If some of this applies to you, you may wish to have a corrective chiropractor check your neck and back for subluxations. EP doctors and most people do not think this happens but I know it does from experience. It may be something to explore; before, at 23, you start having major heart surgery. If your back and neck need correction, since you are young, it may take a minimum number of adjustments to achieve this; and if you do get results, you will benefit in many ways unrelated to your heart and you may also fix your heart.

kevrd in reply to EngMac

I find that if my head is turned to the left and down abit it makes my heart rate go up, turn back and alls good.

CVSKL in reply to Nb921

Hai..may I know what ablation for your case? Few months ago I got my 1st pacs bigeminy ablation but unsuccessful too..sad..and now need to take flecainide 100mg twice daily but Pacs still breakthrough daily..

He just said he wants to do an ablation for my svt

Why can’t you start a family with meds?

Meds will interfere with pregnancy.

I'm 50 and 10 years ago was told ive got Wolfe Parkinson White syndrome and suffered svt for ages. Doctor wanted me to have one but i decided not to after reading about the failures and a friend having 3 without fixing his svt. I had 4 to 5 bouts aday lasting up to 45 mins and rates of 245 beats per min. I change my diet, no caffeine, dropped to near zero booze, eat more healthly, work out and have 2 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil a day. Now only get slight raised heart rate lasting 5 to 20 seconds maybe twice aweek. Stress is a factor so chill out. Look into it more and dont worry about it. 10s of 000s if not more live svt and carry on a normal life.

Hi Brittany ,

I’m 36 and I had my first ablation for SVT when I was 33 it was successful and I haven’t had another SVt since . I’m due to have ablation got AFib in a couple of months . Try not to worry the risks are less than 1% . You don’t want to be having funny heart problems if you want to have a baby .

I’m honestly just worried about the after effects. I know I’m young so probability is lower, but I of course can’t help but think.

Having an ablation is the best way ahead do it while your young . It’s worked for so many people .

There’s no after affects just need to rest for a week .

After my ablation I went on to have two babies . Though my second pregnancy I started to get heat flutters and palpitations I was put on a low dose of beta blocker. She a happy healthy one year old .

Good luck

You might want to ask the doctor more questions before you just jump right in. First, I’d ask him what type of svt, as svt is a huge blanket term. Some types are way more successfully ablated than others. You can google it once they tell you which type. And, second, how often does it occur? Have they told you if the rates are dangerous? etc. Many people live with svt because it just doesn’t happen too often or it’s not going to put them in danger, just doesn’t feel good. Obviously if it doesn’t occur too often and isn’t dangerous, you can stay off the meds when pregnant. Often people’s svt completely disappears when pregnant for some weird reason. But, I am no dr, so ask all those questions, AND how many of your type of ablation the dr has performed. Then you can make an informed decision. Best of luck!

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