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PVC and lightheaded

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I've been getting PVCs since Christmas 2017

I'm taking Verapamil and Tambocor at the moment heart rate is ok.

Some days I'll get a little flutter feeling in the chest very quick not lasting long but I usually feel lightheaded afterwards for a while,which really makes me feel a little off and tired.

Is this anything to really worry about ?

Regards Marty.

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I don't worry about PVC's

I had five bypasses 11 years ago in my 50's

PVC's and arrhythmia started five years ago

Used Horton Monitor at home

and at cardiac rehab center

Was told by several cardiac medical professionals

not to worry about PVC's

PVC's more of an at rest occurrence

they go away with exercise

While on Horton monitor, I reported several instances of

funny flutter and mild chest pain

medical professionals did not see anything to worry about

during these instances

still get funny flutters and mild pain

while sitting, not while exercising

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