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PVC/PAC a second too long?


So if you've read my previous post you know i suffer from Pvc/pac's. Where my heart feels like it skips a beat. Sometimes they're just a second or so long but there have been times where it feels like a "skip beat" lasts a couple of seconds longer than the usual ones. Has anyone else experienced this? They're are extremely scary and uncomfortable as it feels like my heart is about to give out and puts my body in a state of panic. Do these mean something different than to the regular skip beats?

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No you can have thump skipped Beats and

Just skipped beat or lots of skipped Beats together some thump & some flutter none are pleasant but if you have been told your heart is fine that’s great . If they are

Really bothering you ask for some BetaBlockers they offen really help

Latoya13 in reply to 2468abcmuk

Thank you

I've just been prescribed beta blockers so I'll see how that helps

Sereza6 in reply to Latoya13

Yes I have singletons and runs of more than one that are very scary. I’ve had them for years, and beta blockers do help. Hang in there!

Yep, what previous person said. All kinds of thumps are fine as long as you’ve been checked out and your heart’s healthy. If anything was seriously awry it would either continuously beat too fast or out of rhythm for many minutes or way too slow and you’d faint.

Latoya13 in reply to 2k2d

Thank you for the reassurance. My heart is pretty healthy regardless of this issue. Even when I have back to back pvcs that can last for a few minutes I've never fainted and hoping it stays that way

2468abcmuk in reply to 2k2d

Mine are out of rythum for hours sometimes and been told that is also normal as long as you had all the tests

I used to have them for a few hours after hard workouts ( I am a 48 year old endurance athlete: cycling, triathlon etc..). Fast forward 5-6 years I have probably on the order of 5,000-6,000 a day. Totally unnerving. My cardiologist says I have a structurally normal heart with no sign of underlying heart disease...Unfortunately it seems as if it is progressing. I have had numerous tests done to make sure it is not anxiety or I am perceiving something else. Beta blockers don't help neither do calcium channel blockers. My cardiologist says they typically don't ablate in this instance because the extra beats are not really coming from one place (like when you have certain types of tachycardia or Afib). I am at wits end and not sure what to do anymore. It has totally changed my life..I also cannot find anyone else who has had the same sort of issues, its scary...

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